Welcome to the 1977 BMW R100RS !
- The RS77 - A living legend - 

You have reached "the Memorial" for the first year-model of the R100RS (RS77 for short). 

When these silver blue originals first came off the assembly line in 1976, they were introducing new standards to the touring motorcycle. It was an expensive bike that soon became the highest wish for many experienced motorcycle enthusiasts. 
Founded on the reliable BMW boxer engine, it introduced the RS-concept, continued by BMW until today. It was also a perfect mold for the RT-models offering a higher fairing and handlebars for laid back boxer-touring.

Many of the RS77's still run strongly in different parts of the world today, .. soon 50 years after leaving the assembly line. On this web-site you will find a list of many of the RS77's and their history as told by the owners themselves! It will give you an idea why this has been one of the most durable and beloved motorcycles ever made, and today a collectors' item. 

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I hope this homepage will act as a"campfire" for the owners of the RS77-models still in existence, in the purpose of keeping the "legends" alive and on the roads. ..And for all of you who share the interest of the BMW motorcycles history. 

Contributions to our pages are much welcome!! In perticular adding or updating the list of remaining 77-models. BMW motorcycle history relevant to these pages is also highly appreciated. 

We appreciate updates on these bikes. If you own or have news about one of these silver blue bikes, send us an update. You need to identify the bike by it's serialnumber; this number is imprinted both beside the steering head, and beside the oil filler cap. The 1977 model was produced from march 1976 to  june 1977 with serial numbers (VIN):
6180001-6181263 (USA models) and
6080001-6085159 (non-USA models). 

Pics of the month
from our RS77-list:

You can keep track of the update history of each bike in the RS77-list.  

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