Experiences with Russell, Mayer, Sargent, Corbin, and BMW Saddles Product Review

By Richard Bernecker

From: Richard Bernecker <>
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 18:09:11 -0500

Editor's Note: This item is from an email sent to the Long Distance Riders mailing list in response to a comment about Bill Mayer saddles. A more complete review of Richard's experiences has been requested and is under development.

>Very nice guy, we talked a bit about seat technology etc.
>He seems to know what he is talking about.

He does. Bill is a *very* nice guy, and I've had three seats re-
done by him since he re-joined the biz (primarily because I find 
him so likeable). Problem is, at least for me, none of his current 
seats have been nearly as good as the old Mayer's, er, the current 

Bill tries to duplicate, using foam, the sprung "wings" of his 
original design (currently sold by Russell, the design rights for 
which Bill sold to Russell some years back). My experiences have 
been that the "foam wing" approach cannot approach the reduction 
in chafing, binding, and hot spots which the "sprung wing" affords. 
Granted, the Mayer is a far sight better than my experiences with
the Sargents SuperCell or Corbin seats, but not nearly as good as 
with my Russell. Having said that, I know of one rider with a hip 
problem who could not use the Russell without significant pain but 
loves his Mayer.  IOW, YMMV is a very appropriate expression here.

My advice, having been thru this with the Russell, Mayer, Sargents, 
Corbin, and BMW's accessory seats within the last three years, is 
to start with a Russell and move on if that doesn't work for ya. 
You can *always* get your money back out of a Russell, something 
which cannot yet be said for most other options..


Richard Bernecker
Herndon, VA, USoA

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Corbin, Meyer, Russell, and Sargent seats for BMW seats

Additional comment by John Filak regarding Sargent

From: John Filak <>
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 08:08:53 -0800 (PST)

> It appears that Russell is willing to solve your seating
> problems for you and Sargent is willing to build whatever
> you give instructions for. This is my problem

It is also Sargents' basis for no satisfaction guarantees. Since YOU specify the mods, it's not THEIR fault if you're not happy with them. Sargents only warrants for materials and workmanship (M&W). And their M&W is very good. But just don't blame them if your ass still hurts.

Personally, I would only recommend Sargents for a straighforward re-cover/re-foam job. This is really their forte. No matter what they say on their website or in their brochures, they are only willing to stand behind their ability to re-upholster a stock seat. They are not designers, nor do they claim to be.

In the case of Russell (and Mayer for that matter), THEY do the design, THEY guarantee satisfaction. YOU don't accept the blame for anything.

... happy owner of two Sargents seats and one Mayer seat,

John Filak
Sussex County ~ New Jersey

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