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The events listed on these pages are official Internet BMW Rider events or other popular events that have been attended by IBMWR members. If you would like to get something listed on "IBMWR Past Events", contact Walker Powell.

2007 Events

10th Deming Gathering, November, 2007

The Twelfth Annual BLITZ to BRANSON, April, 2007

2006 Events

9th Annual Deming Gathering, November, 2006

The Eleventh Annual BLITZ to BRANSON, April, 2006

2005 Events

8th Annual Deming Gathering, November, 2005

2004 Events

7th Annual Deming Gathering, November, 2004

2003 Events

6th Annual Deming Gathering, November, 2003

2002 Events

5th Annual Deming Gathering, November, 2002

2001 Events

4th Annual Deming Gathering, November, 2001

2000 Events

The Fifth Annual BLITZ to BRANSON(Blitz Y2K), April, 2000

1999 Events

29th Annual S. Central BMW Owners Reunion - Fredericksburg, Texas, October 15th-17th, 1999
The Fourth Annual BLITZ to BRANSON, April, 1999
99 BMW MOA National Rally, Rhinebeck, New York, July, 1999

1998 Events

Deming, New Mexico President's BBQ, November 21st, 1998
3rd Annual Chattanooga/Gap Extravaganza, September 18-20, 1998
98 1st Annual New England Prez Meet, Woodstock, NH, August 23rd, 1998
98 BMW RA National Rally, Greenfield, Mass, August, 1998
98 BMW MOA National Rally, Missoula, Montana, July, 1998
EuroPrezMeet III, June 11-14, 1998
The Third Annual BLITZ to BRANSON, April, 1998

1997 Events

The 1996 Reindeer Ride, December, 1996 & January, 1997.
The Second Annual Death Valley Daze, January, 1997

The Second Annual BLITZ to BRANSON, April 12th, 1997
First Annual North-East Breakfast, Somerset, New Jersey April 20th, 1997

The Lost Coast Weekend, Part III, April 19 - 20, 1997
The Georgia Mountain Rally, Hiawassee, Georgia May 2nd - 4th, 1997
First Annual Los Alamos Lunch, Los Alamos, New Mexico, May 11th, 1997
First Annual Hillsboro, Texas President's Breakfast, June 1st, 1997
BMW MOA National, Durango, Colorado (Prez Pic), 1997
The '97 Top Of The Rockies Rally, Paonia, Colrado, July 18-20, 1997
The '97 RA National, Fontana, North Carolina, September 18-21, 1997

Colorado Gathering of Presidents & Idiots, September 27th, 1997
The 3rd Annual DC Christmas Brunch, December, 1997

1996 Events

First Annual Death Valley Daze, January 19-21st, 1996
Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Ride, March 30, 1996
The Blitz To Branson, April 12th - 14th, 1996
The Tent Pegger Rally, April 19 - 21st, 1996
The Georgia Mountain Rally, May 3 - 5th, 1996
The Lost Coast Weekend, May 10 - 12th, 1996
Granville, Ohio IBMWR President's Lunch, May 19th, 1996
The 24th '49er Rally, Quincy, CA, May 23-27
Cass Memorial Day Campout, May 24 - 27th
The BMWBMW Square Route Rally, May 31 - June 2nd
20th Anniversary IOWA Rally, June 7 - 9th
Antwerp, Belgium, June14 - 16th
The 23rd Annual Rubber City Rally, June 21 - 23rd
The MOA National Rally, July 11 - 14th
The Top 'O The Rockies Rally, July 19 - 21st
Don's Four Corner's Run, August 3rd to 17th, 1996
The Finger Lakes Rally August 30th to September 2nd, 1996
Central Cal BMW Riders' 11th annual Autumn Beemer BASH, September 21, 1996
The First IBMWR Lunch, Part Deux, Chattanooga TN, September 21, 1996

A Colorado Gathering Of Presidents & Idiots, Saturday, September 28, 1996
The Return To Shiloh Rally, October 4th to October 6th, 1996
IBMWR Oz Meeting, October 19th, 1996
The Florida Gator Rally & Fat Catz President's Gathering October 29th to Nov. 3rd, 1996
The First Official President's Alpine Lunch, Alpine, Texas, Nov. 16th, 1996
The Poverty Riders of Tallahassee1996 Coonbottom Get-Together, November, 1996
Jim Shaw's Dinner & Gathering, Springfield, Virginia, December 12, 1996

Savannah II - The Second Annual Prez's Savannah Gathering, December 14th & 15th 1996

1995 Events

The 1st Annual DC Christmas Brunch, December, 1995
"Rub It In" Lunch, Carlsbad, New Mexico, October 1995
1st Planned IBMWR Lunch, Morro Bay, California, September 1995

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