Doug Grosjean's
Alaska Trip Report

June 1999

Preparation - Motorcycles, Accessories, Spare Parts List

Joe and I both rode BMW R1100's; his a GS model with about 12,000 miles and mine an RS model with about 60,000 miles at the start of the trip.

Joe's GS got a tune-up and new dual-purpose tires before the trip began. Due to his bike's low mileage, little else was needed.

My RS got quite a bit more attention, simply due to age and miles. A full tune and service, including replacing all fluids, spark plugs, fuel filter, cleaned the K&N air filter, replaced the control cables and carried the original cables as spares, new alternator belt, and new Dunlop D-205 tires. Also replaced were the taillight bulbs, headlight bulb, and turn signal / running light bulbs. One of my goals was to not have to lay a wrench to the bike while on tour, other than maybe an oil and filter change, and I figured by going through the bike as noted above I could avoid doing any mechanical work on the motorcycle while on tour.

Both Joe and myself were mechanically skilled, knowledgeable on our own bikes, and capable of using the tools and spares that we packed - up to a point. We could repair flats and keep the bikes running well, and check fluid levels. Any more than that and we would have needed a dealer or other service facility.

Motorcycle modifications / Accessories


  • Large aftermarket windshield
  • Aluminum brush guards with plastic hand protectors
  • Metal headlight protector / grill

  • Removed charcoal canister; ventilated fuel filler neck to carry more fuel.

  • Sheepskin seat cover

  • Tank bag (I forget which brand, a special one-off)

  • BMW saddle bags

  • Large dry bag across rear seat for luggage


  • Fox Shocks, front and rear

  • Aeroflow lexan headlight protector

  • RT luggage rack

  • GS handguards

  • GS air intake tubes

  • Bar-backs

  • Removed charcoal canister; ventilated fuel filler neck to carry more fuel.

  • High-wattage headlight bulb

  • Eclipse tank bag

  • BMW saddle bags

  • 3 medium-sized dry bags on the rear seat and rack for luggage.

  • Heated grips

Spares packed on bikes:

  • Flat Repair Kit
    A hodge-podge of BMW
    and automotive plugs and tools
    Innovations "Ultraflate"
    Co2 Adapter
    Shown with 16 gram
    threaded BMW cartridge
    Radio Shack
    Pocket multi-meter
    (2) BMW flat repair kits

  • Aftermarket Maruni flat repair kit

  • Mini tire-irons

  • Co2 adapter, allowed me to use either BMW
    or Daisey BB gun cartridges in case of flat.

  • Oil filter and wrench

  • (2) Spark plugs

  • Alternator belt

  • Fuel filter and o-rings

  • Assorted hand tools to supplement the BMW tool kits, sufficient to check fluid levels, change spark plugs, oil filter, fuel filter, or an alternator belts; or to remove and replace a wheel or make mechanical adjustments in the field.

  • Assorted hardware, ie, common sized nuts and bolts

  • Assorted bits of wire, heat-shrink tubing, fuses

  • Radio Shack pocket size multi-meter

  • (1) spare headlight bulb

  • (2) spare taillight bulbs

Other Items:
  • GS - a spare plastic gas can, 1 gallon capacity
  • RS - (4) quart gasoline canisters, intended for camping stove fuel, carried in lid of saddlebag.
  • 1 Gallon water, each bike

  • Leatherman pocket tool

  • Notebook computer, Toshiba Libretto

  • Cell phone

  • GPS

Doug Grosjean
Pemberville, Ohio