Doug Grosjean's
Alaska Trip Report

June 1999

Handy Links for a Northern Trip

When I originally wrote my Alaska Trip Report in 1999, the web was a bit more transient a place than it is today. At that time I didn't want to get involved with a bunch of dead URL's or having to maintain a page of URL's that would come and go over time.

But since 1999, the web has become much more commonplace, mature, and hopefully stable. My own ability to host and maintain a web page has improved. More and more people are going online, and so it just makes sense now to include some links.

In that vein, below are some links that an Alaska-bound traveller might find helpful. Thanks and credit go to Jack Gustafson of Glennallen, Alaska for providing the links and information.

Alaska Marine Highway System Home Page
Complete info on the Alaska ferry - schedules, fares, etc. Travel Forum
Alcanseek appears to be a website to help you locate all sorts of Alaska and Canada info on the web.

The Alcanseek Travel Forum is a forum for disscussing the Alcan Highway and travel conditons. There are also other useful links there as well for travel in the far North.

Alaska Department of Transportation
Alaska Highway Construction Travellers Guide
IIn addition to info on Alaska roads, this page also contains links to several other road condition sites on the web.

Yukon Transportation Maintenance
Daily Road Report

British Columbia
Provincial Highways Road Reports

Many, many northern links. From the website:

"Much more than just another link site, ExploreNorth is here to help with all the information you need to plan your adventure in Alaska, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and/or Nunavut. With original articles and photos, and background material on the culture and environment of the North, you will find information here that is available nowhere else."

Alaska Adventure
A first camping trip - solo in an A-liner

Quick summary: an eclectic trip report by a mature gentleman that buys a Jeep Grand Cherokee and a small camping trailer (an A-liner) and hits the road solo. The site is a bit complex to navigate, but there's a great set of links there under "The Preparation." Also gorgeous photography, a day by day record of expenses, lots of other info and data - a very nice reference.

Doug Grosjean
Pemberville, Ohio