Doug Grosjean's
Alaska Trip Report

June 1999

Preparation - Rider Gear

Some have asked about what riding gear Joe and I used on the Alaska trip, so regarding rider gear for the Alaska trip:

Joe and I both used textile riding suits, his a First Gear Expedition suit with a water-resistant membrane, and mine an Aerostich Roadcrafter, one-piece, which uses a Gore-tex water-restistant membrane.

We both used electric vests, Joe's a basic Widder vest with a switch, and mine a Gr.8 Designs Cassiar prototype vest using carbon-fiber fabric heating elements, with a Heat-troller electronic controller mounted to my tank bag.

On the coldest days, ie, while running through Beartooth Pass in the snow, I wore over the vest a polypropylene sweatshirt, and a Stephenson's vapor barrier shirt to block the drafts through the sleeves of my 'Stich, and longjohns under my jeans.

I also used heated grips and handguards from the GS. Joe's bike didn't have heated grips, though since his bike offered more weather protection than mine he didnít seem to miss the heated grips.

We both carried conventional rain gear in case of an all-day downpour, but only used the rainsuits once. I also used rubber rain overboots that I'd purchased from Aerostich, and rubber overgloves from First Gear.

On hot days, I wore bicycle shorts and a T-shirt under my Aerostich.

Doug Grosjean
Pemberville, Ohio