Heated Grips and BAR END WEIGHTS

Using heated grips with bar end weights

From: Brian Curry <bmwbrian@voicenet.com>
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 19:00:26

Someone, and I can't remember who, asked about using heated grips and bar end weights on a K75. I thought I knew someone who had done this, and asked him. This is his response.

I would like to thank Rob Scott <rob@unixguy.com> for this info:

'Twas me. Essential elements are:

If a K-bike or an older R-bike with the grey grips, either cut off the grips ends or get replacement grip rubbers intended for newer K-bikes or R-bikes with bar-end weights (already cut out on the ends, and more comfy as well). Should cost no more than $20 for the grip rubbers.

[Brian here. While heated grips appear to be, and are sold as units, they are a grip over a heating sleeve. The grip can be removed CAREFULLY and replaced with a grip of your choice. Don't hurt the heating elements.]

Get the BMW bar-end weight mount that's intended for heated grips. I don't have the part number here, but it's typically one that has to be ordered. About $50 for the set, IIRC.

Other folks have used the solid bar-end weight mounts inside the handlebars after machining (i.e. filing) a groove in the mount for the wires to run along. I didn't want to fool around with that, and $50 is a pretty cheap solution that's right from the factory.

If the person wants to mount a Throttlemeister, they don't want the mounts supplied by Tmeister. Using the BMW mounts works fine. The Tmeister will require the longer of the two choices for mounting bolts.

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