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Technical Articles for K75/K100/K1100/K1200/K1300/K1600 BMWs

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Flying Brick Website

Finest Year (1985) K-Bike Purchase FAQ - Don Eilenberger (November 2001)

K100 FAQ - Brian Brumfield (Updated October 2007)

K Bike History at

Anton Largiader's Tech Site

Anton has a ton of experience with a variety of BMWs, and shares a wealth of info in this well-organized site.

Chris Harris YouTube Videos

Chris ran Affordable Beemer Service in New Hampshire, a well-respected shop, for a number of years, and has a bunch of instructional videos for all 1970-on beemers on YouTube. Informal, profane and informative, you can learn a lot about common maintenance procedures from him. For example, look at his video on the K1100LT.

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