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This list originally started out as a registry of all the BMW license plates I was aware of that said “IBMWR” on them. But so many other Presidents sent me their custom plate information I listed them, too. If you have a picture of your plate/bike on the web somewhere, send me the URL and I’ll point at your picture. Please do not send me the actual pictures.

To add your BMW motorcycle plate to the list, send an email with your name, licensing district (i.e, state, province, country – it’s no fun unless we know where to look for your plate), year and model of bike the plate is attached to, and what the plate says. If you want a different e-mail address used other than the ‘return’ address, please note that also.  Email me, click this link Tom Keen.

“IBMWR” Plates Custom Plates Collections

Ultra-Prestigious “IBMWR” Plates

Alabama, USA 1998 R1100CHP Robert Munday
Alaska, USA 1999 R1100GS Manny Puerta
Arizona, USA 1986 K100RT Bob Straubinger
Arkansas, USA 1996 R1100RT Joe Skaggs
California, USA 1994 K1100LT Jon Miller
Colorado, USA 2004 K1200GT Tristian Wardell
Connecticut, USA 1997 F650 Mark Mattison
Florida, USA 1997 K1100LTH John Outlan
Georgia, USA 1991 K75S Allen Griffin
Hawaii, USA 2002 R1150R Joe O’Malley
Illinois, USA 1997 R1100RT David E.B. Smith
Iowa, USA 2002 R1150RT Bob Seigel
Kansas, USA 2006 R1200RT Rob Lessen
Maine, USA 1997 R1100RT Don Smith
Maryland, USA 1999 R1100GS Jim Colburn
Massachusetts, USA 1997 R1100RTL Fred Ziegler
Michigan, USA 2002 R1150RT Mark Domlovil
Minnesota, USA 1993 K1100LT Al Olme
Mississippi, USA 2004 R1150RT Frank Glamser
Missouri, USA 2002 R1150R Karen Burdette
Montana, USA 1974 R75/6 Mason Griffin
Nevada, USA 1978 R100S w/ sidecar Dale Blanchard
New Jersey 2005 F650GS LeighAnne Zaolino
North Carolina, USA 2004 R1150R Julia Shirley
Ohio, USA 1997 R1100RT Eric Simon
Oklahoma, USA 2004 R1150 BMW Greg Tosto
Pennsylvania, USA 1991 R100GS/PD Rick Povich
South Carolina, USA 1997 R850R Alan Courtney
Tennessee, USA 1980 R100T Don Warren
Texas, USA 1985 K100RS Geoff Adams
Virginia, USA 2001 R1150GS Don Graling
West Virginia, USA 1998 R1100GS Walter Williamson
Wisconsin, USA 2003 K1200GT Robert Briere
Ontario, Canada 2001 R1150RT Phil Aylesworth
Manitoba, Canada 2001 R1150RT Bryan Thiessen


Other Presidential Plates

PSYCLE Vermont, USA 1986 R80RT Cy Young
KPASA California, USA 2000 K1200LTC Paul Meredith
BMWKRS New Brunswick, Canada K1200RS Richard Ward
BOOF New Mexico, USA R1100RS Tom Hansen
IRNBT Wisconsin, USA 1996 K1100LT-SE Fran Tomczuk
ODH Arizona, USA 1981 R80G/S Skipper Brown
PRS2DBR California, USA 1989 R100GS/PD Al Hom
BMWR65 North Carolina, USA 1979 R65 Jay Ritter
EURO K Texas, USA 1999 K1200LT Lloyd Morris
FISHBMW California, USA 2000 R1150GS David Fishman
YBNRML Tennessee, USA ?? K100 w/EML GTII sidecar Buddy Burnett
BMW NUT Oregon, USA 1995 R1100RSL Gary Wasserman
SCHNEL Wisconsin, USA 1981 R100RS Ken Ebenhoch
BE MW Pennsylvania, USA 1999 R1100RT Art Grogan
BOXER2 Virginia, USA 1998 R1200C Bob McCarthy
SLSH 6 Illinois, USA 1976 R90/6 George Malina
TURM Colorado, USA 1986 K75T David Peterson
LEAD FT2 California, USA 1998 K1200RS Nur Inal
RMCRSL California, USA 1995 R1100RSL Bruce Wallace
M-6281-DG Madrid, Spain 1977 R100RT Oscar Undabarrena
SKIRT Pennsylvania, USA 1996 R1100RS Joanne Myers
2TONIK California, USA 1994 R1100RS Bruce Anderson
R-90-S Arizona, USA 1976 R90S Bill Lambert
R-75 Arizona, USA 1972 R75/5 Bill Lambert
K1 Arizona, USA 1990 K1 Bill Lambert
Hr-BMW Minnesota, USA 1994 K75RTP Karol Patzer
ULTMT New York, USA 1994 R100GS/PD Chris Ratay
JRNEY New York, USA 1997 F650 Chris Ratay
KBASA California, USA 2000 R1100S Dave Swider
MRS KBSA California, USA 1994 R1100RS Tina Swider
74 R90S North Carolina, USA 1974 R90S Chris Rappl
GWBMW Pennsylvania, USA 1994 K75 Gary Weaver
STRDY Wisconsin, USA 1989 R100GS Joe Kletch
POSH Illinois, USA 1995 R100R w/ Escort sidecar Ed Dybala
INCMNG Vermont, USA 1975 R90S Jim Dooley
BULLET Vermont, USA 1978 R100RS Jim Dooley
R1010T Colorado, USA 1983 R80RT Tom Dailey
OILHEAD North Carolina, USA 1996 R1100RT Bill Clayton
92 BMUU California, USA 1992 K100RS Michael Hartman
SLASH5 Florida, USA 1971 R75/5 Alan Leitch
AIRHD Massachusetts, USA 1982 R65 Tim Hall
FYKRS Massachusetts, USA 1985 K100RS Tim Hall
DCBMW Ontario, Canada 1977 R100RS Darryl Cainey
C2CB2B New Mexico, USA 1997 K1100LT Ira Agins
R1100S New Mexico, USA 1999 R1100S Bill Koup
MTRSPT New Mexico, USA 1978 R100RS Motorsport Bill Koup
R69S New Mexico, USA 1963 R69S Bill Koup
BMW19S BMW California, USA K1200LT-C Buck and Mickey Wilmerding
BMR90 New South Wales, Australia R90/6 Bob Colman
FLASH19S California, USA 1995 R1100RSL Flash Gordon
R90S Wisconsin, USA 1976 R90S Steve Reynen
LRJET Wisconsin, USA 1985 K100RS Steve Reynen
GSJET Wisconsin, USA 1995 R1100GS Steve Reynen
BMW R 65 Illinois, USA 1979 R65 John Lovaas
OKIE-1 Illinois, USA 1985 K100RT w/ Ural sidecar Bob Saxer
OKIE-2 Illinois, USA 1979 R100 S Bob Saxer
OKIE-3 Illinois, USA 1995 K75RT Bob Saxer
C7-5115 British Columbia, Canada 1987 K100RS Gayla Doucet
AIR HED Maine, USA 1984 R100RT Don Morrison
NOMOHDS California, USA 1994 R1100RS Bill Keener
SIPDE Connecticut, USA 1996 R1100RT Sean Shoemaker
BB-S-50 Germany 1955 R50 w/ R100 engine Manfred Zank
BEAMR Arizona, USA 1995 R1100GS Teabone
EINPD Pennsylvania, USA GS/PD David Moss
1FINEK Alaska, USA 1993 K1100LT Tim Manwaring
1BANGR Alaska, USA 1999 F650 Tim Manwaring
BEEMR Ohio, USA 1994 K1100RS Michael May
KBAGO Ohio, USA 1999 K1200LT Michael May
RS BXR California, USA 1982 R100RS, deceased Andy de Groot
LHOMME Illinois, USA R1200C Brad Bokoski
R850R Ohio, USA 1997 R850R Paul Woodruff
COPSRT Minnesota, USA 1999 R1100RT Ken Froschheiser
TOUR Ontario, Canada 1985 K100RT Craig Addy
TAHO BMW California, USA 1994 K1100LT Ed Miller
K RAPIDO Florida, USA 1999 K1200RS Ed Benson
HACKD K Florida, USA 1993 K1100LT/EMG GT2 Ed Benson
BMRMUP New Mexico, USA 1995 R100RT Jeff Foster
NO PORK Minnesota, USA 1995 R1100GS Myron Dargus
66R60 Maryland, USA 1966 R60 Martin Ames
R69S Maryland, USA 1969 R69S Martin Ames
KUUL Ohio, USA 1999 K1200LT Bob Woofter
R11RT New York, USA 1996 R1100RT Rich Klepeis
BMWMOA Illinois, USA 1999 R1100RT Tim Colburn
AL19S BMW Minnesota, USA 1997 R1100R Al Maurine
-BMW- New Hampshire, USA 1986K75C Michael Swider
R80RT Georgia, USA 1983 R80RT Tom Eubank
BEEMER South Carolina, USA 1985 K100RS Gary Fedyschyn
RII00 Australia 1998 R1100S John Olive
NO PIKL California, USA 1983 R80ST Jim Brown
NOIR RAD California, USA 1997 R1100RT Jim Brown
BADEN Michigan, USA 1995 R1100RSL Fritz Dilger
OILHD Pennsylvania, USA 1994 R1100RS John Weicht
IRNBT Nevada, USA 1999 K1200LT Chuck Hickey
RD2WK North Carolina, USA 1996 K1100RS Peter Egan
BMWRS Michigan, USA 1988 K100RS Daniel Lee Conrad
MTR SPT Illinois, USA 1978 R100RS Motorsport Larry Charrlin
RII00 Ontario, Canada 1996 R1100RSL Michael Mocon
SLASH5 Maryland, USA 1973 R90/5 Greg Shamieh
NOTZEN Washington, USA 1990 K75RT Chip Barker
LKBMR Nevada, USA 1998 R1100RT Larie and Katie Trippet
BM CRUZR California, USA R1200C Areg Gregorians
ONF3T Pennsylvania, USA 1994 R1100RS William Buffton
1100RS Virginia, USA 1994 K1100RS Alan Bourg
BMWMC Ohio, USA 1997 R1100RT John Frick
BMWOA New York, USA 1994 R100RT Jim Schuyler
TSCHÜß Colorado, USA 1996 K1100LT Jack Shaw
BMWK12 Virginia, USA K1200RS John Tice
HOT DOG Illinois, USA 1997 R850R Gary Blakney
WE B JMN Florida, USA R1200C Bill Hider
WHTS UP Florida, USA R1200C Mike Hider
OYL HEAD California, USA 1995 R1100GS Gary Prickett
ERRHEAD California, USA 1992 R100R Gary Prickett
96 ARTY Alaska, USA 1996 R1100RT Scott Logan
ME262 Washington, USA K1200RS Beecher Snipes
AIRHD 1 Illinois, USA 1980 R100 John Lovaas
BMR4 007 California, USA 1999 R1200C Steven Collier
RSBMW New York, USA 2000 K1200RS Richard Scheiner
88BMUU Maryland, USA 1999 K1200LT David Loines
11R-RT Pennsylvania, USA 1999 R1100RT Mark Barr
BEEMER Vermont, USA 1991 R100GS/PD Bill Daigle
RCMC96 Oregon, USA 1999 K1200RS Steven Gilbert
2 EZ 2 Ohio, USA 1937 R17 Sport Bruce Williams
M2TOY Ontario, Canada 1977 R75/7 Mark Melcher
LDTRVLR California, USA 1999 K1200LT Dave Mishalof
BMW-98 Pennsylvania, USA 1998 R1200C Jim Bradney
UNKGD Arizona, USA K1200RS Glen Davis
BMW 42 Illinois, USA 1995 R1100R Robert and Stephanie Stanley
R100RS Florida, USA 1988 R100RS Tom Wiessner
R100S Florida, USA 1982 R100S Joe Herington
BLTZN Ontario, Canada R1100S Chris Dixon
64BMW Ontario, Canada 1986 R80G/S Wilmer Schock
R69S Virginia, USA R69S Tom Bridgers
R50S Virginia, USA 1950 R50S Tom Bridgers
R60US Virginia, USA 1969 R60US Tom Bridgers
69US Virginia, USA 1969 R69S Tom Bridgers
CMDR K Virginia, USA 1998 K1200RS Russell Lambert
4-BIER Pennsylvania, USA 1983 R100RS Ed Riesch
B MURR Pennsylvania, USA 2004 BMW R1150GSP Lee Hetrick
R1100RS California, USA 1994 R1100RS Tom Strobel
DAKAR New York, USA 1998 R1100GS Jim Monaco
BMDUBYA Florida, USA 1999 K1200LTC Steve Wall
GSPDC Ohio, USA 1995 R100GS/PD Walt Maurer
MENSCH New Mexico, USA 1975 R90/6 Mel Chernoff
U+BET New Mexico, USA 1967 R60/2 w/ Velorex Chair Mel Chernoff
BEEMR North Carolina, USA 1995 R100GS/PD John McHaffie
TOASTR Florida, USA 1973 R60/6 Bo Stewart
2RIDE North Carolina, USA 1999 R1100R Mark Sechler
PANZR New York, USA 2000 R1150GS John Blatz
QE III New York, USA 2002 K1200 LTC John Blatz
SCROOM Oregon, USA 1995 K1100LLT Mark Gensman
K11LT Virginia, USA 1994 K1100LT Karl Rosenbaum
EXIT Nebraska, USA 1997 K1100LT-SE Joe Luther
IRNBUT Indiana, USA 1997 R1100R SuzyQ
AR100RS California, USA 1984 R100RS John Malcolm
GFYDNL Missouri, USA 1998 R1100RT Jack Casner
MOFPRL Missouri, USA 1974 R90/6 Jack Casner
R100 Virginia, USA 1982 R100CS Charles Sturtevant
BMW99 New York, USA 1999 K1200LT Wayne Edkin
95GSPD California, USA 1995 R100GS/PD John Korb
AIRLUM Illinois, USA 1975 R75/6 Jerry Sjostrom
R1200C Florida, USA 1998 R1200C Rich Hacker
R TIME South Carolina, USA 1997 R1100RT Nick Melton
4VALVE Texas, USA 1995 R1100RS Gary Woodling
58NOS Illinois, USA 1958 R69 Alan Squire
4KIKS New York, USA 19K1200LTI Irving Ruiz
DONNER Montana, USA 1967 R60/2 Dave Krise
BLTZN Montana, USA 1993 R100GSPD Dave Krise
RYDN FAR California, USA 1998 R1100GS Greg Deckrow
RYDN FAR California, USA 1998 R1100GS Greg Deckrow
FAR2FUN California, USA 1998 R1100S Greg Deckrow
KHN Massachusetts, USA 1973 R75/5 Toaster Huntington Neugebauer
CAFE 75 Illinois, USA 1987 K75S Don Bell
73TSTR Virginia, USA 1973 R75/5 J.C. Musser
ADVNTR Washington, USA 1999 R1150GS Mike Paull
ART19S R Connecticut 1991 R100 Art Hechler
ART19S K Connecticut 1993 K75 Art Hechler
RXIIC Ohio, USA 1998 R1200C John Stombaugh
K100 EES Staffordshire, England 1992 K100RS Emlyn Stayte
2TONIC Minnesota, USA 1999 R1100R Bob Stubbs
39BMW Ontario, Canada 1939 R51 Gerry VanderEyk
UBR BIKE California, USA 1999 R1100RT Fernando Belair
RADCL Wisconsin, USA 2000 K1200LTC
BMRBXR Virginia, USA 1978 R100S Alan More
BUMBLB Virginia, USA 1994 R100GS Alan More
BMW BIKE California, USA 1987 K75S Todd Wallace
ZENTAUR California, USA 1999 F650 Joe Grace
LE 031 ??? 1994 R1100GS Fred Brand
2SXXY Nevada, USA 1995 R1100RSL Lori Behr
R100M Pennsylvania, USA 1994 R100 Mystic Rick Gzesh
R80GS Pennsylvania, USA 1985 R80 GS Rick Gzesh
BMMR Ontario, Canada 2000 F650GS Dakar Michael Raber
R11RT Nevada, USA 1999 R1100RT Carlos Valenzuela
67 R69S North Carolina, USA 1967 R69S John Schoo
G50GD England 2000 F650GSPD David Womack
A17 RRT England 1998 R1100RT David Womack
CAHHAT Maine, USA 1999 R1100RT Dave Carhart
PSYCHL Oregon, USA 1999 R1100RT Jackie Paul
BSEG Ohio, USA 1999 R1100RT Mark Patrick
1 PADRE North Carolina, USA 1985 R80 Kirk Robinson
OO K12RS California, USA 2000 K1200RS Jack Shelp
99 BMW New Jersey, USA 1999 R1200C John Senese
OLD NFST California, USA 1976 /6 Bill Kniegge
WAFFEN South Carolina, USA 1997 R1100GS Doug Hamby
OH K Maryland, USA 1994 K75 Rick Korchak
R65S Maryland, USA 19?? R65 Rick Korchak
TRIPN Wisconsin, USA 1996 K1100RS Bill Burke
NIXHD Wisconsin, USA 1901 R1150GS Bill Burke
K1100LT North Carolina, USA 1993 K1100LT Graham Wright
HOHAA New York, USA 1995 R1100RS Greg Gold
OYLHD Pennsylvania, USA 1997 R850R Terry Boots
AHI Virginia, USA 2000 R1100RS Bob McCarthy
RMCRT Missouri, USA 1999 R1100RT Marc Brooks
GS-011 Australia R1100GS Rodger Harrison
BYTEME New Mexico, USA 1995 R1100RSL Steve Aikens
BOOP Kansas, USA 1997 R1100RS Bette Lessen
Y56HEO Lancashire, England 1901 R1150GS Mark Wilde
LUFT New Hampshire, USA 1977 R100RS Luftmiester Turbo Dan Whipple
K11LT Maine, USA 1997 K1100LT Shawn Blair
SQWEZR Montana, USA 2000 R1200CM Michele S. Hand
BEEMR Virginia, USA 1995 R1100GS Brian Horais
SSMOOTH North Carolina, USA 1999 R1100S Joe Bayman
PHAT2 Texas, USA 1999 K1200LT Gary Sibley
RAT Texas, USA 2000 R1150GS Gary Sibley
KRAUT Kansas, USA 1978 R80/7 Joe Glowacki
72 R75 Washington, USA 1972 K75/5 Mike Bergstrom
HOG NOT Iowa, USA 2000 R1100S John Robert Hanna
NADA HD Iowa, USA 2000 R1100RTS John Robert Hanna
BNTHER Idaho, USA 1983 R80RT Cindy Barrie
DNTHAT Idaho, USA 1983 R100RS Rex Barrie
MRKIM422 New Jersey, USA 1929 R63 Kim Bauder
OILHD Ohio, USA 1999 R1100RS Chris Gossard
UMWEGE Maine, USA 1980 R100S Patrick Rowling
SCGUY Arizona, USA 1981 R100 w/EML sidecar Tom Ridyard
K12 NRM Yateley Hanpshire England K1200RS Niall R Macdonald
BLBMW New York, USA 2000 R1200C Joe Lemak, Jr
MADFRG Virginia, USA 1984 K75 Francois Duret
F 341 PYH Nottingham, England 1989 K100 Keith Hales
B16 KRS London, England 1998 K1200RS Barry Kirkham
BEEMR Massachusetts, USA 2000 R1100RS Roy Bertalotto
28UP Missouri, USA 2000 R1100RT Jim Catlett
BCUM 1 Florida, USA 1982 R100RS Joe Taffuri
TRAUM Arizona, USA 1998 R1100RT David Garcia
CRUISA New York, USA 1998 R1200C Richard Stecker
MY ICMB Washington, USA 2002 K1200RS Joe S. Corder
BZK12 Georgia, USA 2000 K1200RS Brett Zeitz
BMWFISH California, USA 2002 R1150RT David Fishman
TOASTR New York, USA 1973 R75/5 Jim Popper
72BOXR New York, USA 1972 R75/5 Jim Popper
15FAB Ohio, USA 2003 R1150RT Mark Hawkins
87 RS British Columbia, Canada 1987 R100RS Tom Flynn
100 AJQ 77 France 1988 K100LT Pierre-Philippe Errard
Y2KGS Pennsylvania, USA 2000 R1150GS Trent G Denison
28UP Missouri, USA 2000 R1100RT Jim Catlett
TIMEX New Mexico, USA 1982 R100 Daniel Krivitzky
ADVTR Maine, USA 1997 F650 Shawn Blair
MTRRD New Jersey, USA 1995 R1100R George Roulson
CL 1016 Sandnes, Norway 1995 R1100R Charles Paton
DBYA Arizona, USA 2000 K1200RS Kerry R. Gorman
BMW Wisconsin, USA 1999 R1200C B.J. Bull
RD 007 Wisconsin, USA 1901 R1200C R.D. Bull
KVITA “What a Life” Ohio, USA 1995 K1100RS Roger Pivonka
76R75 Pennsylvana, USA 1976 R75/6 Franklin Hufnagle
MY ICBM Washington, USA 2002 K1200RS Joe S. Corder
1200RS New York, USA 2002 K1200RS Morris Barocas, MD
BEMRUP Oregon, USA 1999 R1100S Gary P. Olsen
85 K100 Florida, USA 1985 K100RS Mark Fredericksen, CMP
KMH225 New York, USA 1999 R1100S Francois Georges
BMW RS Florida, USA 1982 RS David
THUMPR Maryland, USA 2000 F650 Anne Kollmann
K MCC LT Illinois, USA 2000 K1200LTC Ron Kendall
R MCC C Illinois, USA 1999 R1200C Ron Kendall
BATMAN Connecticut , USA 1984 R100RT Fred Bjorkland
OILHED Connecticut, USA 2000 R1100RL Mark Flanagan
F650 Nevada, USA 1999 F650 Bill
RYD2DA Virginia, USA 1984 R80RT Timothy Noell
ZIGZAG Alaska, USA 1986 R100 David Wallace
ON 2R Michigan, USA 1998 R100RT Ira Newman
1150RT New York, USA 19?? R1150RT Karen Hanson
DOC TEX Illinois, USA 2001 R1150R Tex Pardo, MD
2 D LU California, USA 1998 K1200RS Scott Wilmot
II UP Pennsylvania, USA 2000 K1200LTC George M. Unangst
COP19S-RS Minnesota, USA 1994 R1100RS Andrew Olson
WWWOW Ontario, Canada 2000 R1100S Steve Makohin
THE4 Arizona, USA 2001 R1150GS Mike Thomas
HELVIS Florida, USA 19?? ????? Lute Ison
XPLR Colorado, USA 2001 R1150GS Brian Campbell
85KRS Pennsylvania, USA 1985 K100RS Franklin Hufnagle
MCSUV Ohio, USA 2002 R1150GS Ed Buelsing
BMW-USA Illinois, USA 1996 R1100SL Sheree Bell
STINGR Idaho, USA 1974 R75/6 Jessica Barrie
HERBMW South Carolina, USA 1997 R1100RA Julia Shirley
JANNER British Columbia, Canada 1991 K75RT Paul Thomas
BEEMER Washington, USA 1993 K1100LT Bruce (Butch) Selikoff
20RT02 Oklahoma, USA 1902 R1150RT Ed Angala
BMWRT Ontario, Canada 2000 R1100RT Pat Castel
SMOGOO Vermont, USA R100S Roland Chase
CHASE Vermont, USA 19R1100 RT Roland Chase
420 BMX Georgia, USA 2000 R1200C Jeff Tully
BM 000 Australia 1984 R100RS Paul Benson
DADZTY Connecticut, USA 2001 R1150GS David Smith
KANKU Pennsylvania, USA Rick Sorensen
HIS RT Colorado, USA 2002 R1150RT Stan Walker
HER RT Colorado, USA 1996 R1100RT Jan Walker
ALCAN5K California, USA 1902 R1150GS Don Beck
DBS BMR California, USA 19F650 GS Don Beck
OLKOPF Virginia, USA 2002 R1150R Jay Chalk
BMWROX Virginia, USA 2002 R1150RT Joe Laposta
BEMR1 Pennsylvania, USA 2000 R1100RT Ted Lucas
BMWLT Kansas, USA 2000 K1200LT John Doherty
R100RS South Carolina, USA 1988 R100RS Everett Ballenger
MYREDK Minnesota, USA 1985 K100 Jim Herne
DADZTY Connecticut, USA 1901 R1150GS Dave Smith
4MYBT Arizona, USA 1902 K1200LT RJ Strayer
DABMR Pennsylvania, USA 2000 R1150GS Ron Maseda
S BOX Arizona, USA 2000 R1100S Jamie Sego
MEIN RAD California, USA 2002 R1150RS Edward Mathers
BMW RT Florida, USA 2002 R1150RT Steve Gordon
DAKAR1 Virginia, USA 2001 F650GS Dakar Michael Brown
R75-5 Maine, USA 1972 R75/5 Bob Collin
R90-74 Maine, USA 1974 R90/6 Bob Collin
K1100LT Maine, USA 1994 K1100LT Bob Collin
R1150GS Maine, USA 2000 R1150GS Bob Collin
K12BLUE California, USA 2002 K1200RS Marc C. Block, Esq.
R1150R Virginia, USA 2002 R1150R Phil Scarr
MYBOXR Virginia, USA 2000 R1150GS Edwin Felch
K MOTO S California, USA 1999 K1200RS Leni Johns
MUV4487 Madrid, Spain 19?? K1100LT Jose M. Porras
BMWLTC Virginia, USA 2002 K1200LTC Michael Willis
K BUENO Texas, USA 1995 K1100RS Bob (Jungle Bob) Mugele
CY 13161 Cape Town,  South Africa 2002 F650 GS Joon du Randt
BEEMIN New York, USA 2002 R1150RT Frank Pandina
LIEBSN Florida, USA 1984 R100CS Last Edition Dan Presilla
UBERAL Florida, USA 2002 R1150RT Dan Presilla
sb-732 Queensland, Australia 1999 K1200RS Peter Kaye
BMW KBI California, USA 1993 K75RTA Ed Mullin
BMW OH California, USA 2002 R1150RT Ed Mullin
BMR-650 South Australia 1986 R65 Phil Argy
BMW-73 Nevada, USA 1973 75/5 ???
R50S Virginia, USA 19?? R50S Tom Bridgers
72 R75 Maryland, USA 1972 R75 Ken Mackel
FNKSHN Virginia, USA 1996 R1100R Brian Malsch
11KLT Queensland, Australia 1994 K1100LT John Olive
AG 6809 Baden/Aargau, Switzerland 2000 R1150GS Hans Rudolf Meier
THMPRRT California, USA 2002 R1150RT Paul Rutan
BMRCK Illinois, USA 2001 F650GS Nancy Koeneman
OHBMW Ohio, USA 1985 K100 Bart Mather
2929RS Alaska, USA 1992 K75S Don Moody
AKTUNG Virginia, USA 2002 K1200LTC Michael Steiner
XZLR6 Arizona, USA 1985 K100RT Randal Caruthers
72 R75 Texas, USA 1972 R75/5 Ron McInnis
1150RT New York, USA 2002 R1150RT Karen Suds
WZNT-ME New Mexico, USA 1998 K1200RS Craig Wallace
2-BYE Ohio, USA 2001 R1100RL Todd Sheridan
BMW MC Pennsylvania, USA 1988 K75C Bill Cross
BMWLTC Virginia, USA 1902 K1200LTC Michael Willis
Y2KRT Ohio, USA 2000 R1100RT Chris Long
OILHD Arizona, USA 1995 R1100RSLA Richard Frankenfield
SPDY California, USA 1902 R1150RT Paul Artof
UDM 4 Florida, USA 1901 1200LT Carl Flatley
WOBBLE Florida, USA 1984 R100CS Terry Moore
JAX BMR California, USA 2000 R1100RT Jack Ryan
R1150RA North Carolina, USA 2002 R1150Ra Terry Cox
UPBMW Michigan, USA 2002 R1200CP Dave Somero
MOTO-GS Virginia, USA 2002 R1150GS Joel O’Rourke
XPLR Colorado, USA 2001 R1150GS Brian Campbell
MOCYC Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1999 R1200C Miles Pollock
1STBMW New York, USA 1995 K1100LT Carl Boler
2NDBMW New York, USA 2002 R1150GS Carl Boler
WILEES Idaho, USA 1985 K100RS Timothy Broughton
3JOBS Washington, USA 2002 R1150RS Adrienne Wieland
255432 Virginia, USA 1991 K100LT Jerry Adams
65 BMW Virginia, USA 1965 R60/2 B Freer Freeman
FASTK Ohio, USA 2000 K1200RS Gregg Soster
HERBERT California, USA 1976 R90/6 Leigh Ann Hussey
BMW BOB Illinois, USA 2002 K1200LT Bob Honemann
L100 GS London, England R100GS Peter Page
SA BMW California, USA 2002 R1150RT Steve Albrecht
BOX R Georgia, USA 2001 R1100S Don Luckett
MYSTK Arizona, USA 1995 R100M David Frankenfield
DRM SHP Oregon, USA 2001 1200LT Randi Kobernik
77RS California, USA 1977 R100RS Cory Muensterman
AUS BMW California, USA R1200 CE Peter J Dore’
K-BEEMR Florida, USA 1995 K75 Paulo Kerr Salem
R1100 Ohio, USA 2001 R1100RT Mark A Swanson
BMWNUT Virginia, USA 1998 R1100GS Hank Pfister
TOASTR Virginia, USA 1973 R75/5 Hank Pfister
BXR CUP California, USA 2002 R1100S Scott Haith
1STBMUR California, USA 2002 R1150RT Daryl Miyasaki
BMRBOY Colorado, USA 2002 R1150RT Randy Rabalais
SCHNL Massachusetts, USA 2000 R1100RT Jeff Rys
IGOR Alabama, USA 1982 R100RS Shep Brown
INGA Alabama, USA 2004 R1150RT Shep Brown
USAF1 Montana, USA 1997 R1100RT Patterson



Mac Kirkpatrick, registered in Pennsylvania, USA.

Plate Bike
65R27 1965 R27
R90S 1974 R90s
7590S 1975 R90s
7690S 1976 R90s
1ST RS 1977 R100RS, verified as the first one into the US
7RS7 1977 R100RS
MSPRT 1978 R100RS Motorsport
R79S 1979 R100RS
LST RS 1984 R100RS Last Edition
LST CS 1984 R100CS Last Edition
VRUUM 1987 K75S
HAKER 1993 K1100LT w/EML GTII sidecar
XSTCY 1998 K1200RS


Jeff Dean, registered in Wisconsin, USA.

Plate Bike
WOOEE 2000 R1150GS
K12LT 1999 K1200LT
1 BMW 1999 R1100RTP
A BMW 1999 R1100RT
AZBMW 1998 R1100RT
9090X 1974 R75/6
9090J 1973 R75/5
9090R 1968 R60/2
9090W 1967 R60/2
9090A 1967 R60/2
9090V 1966 R27
9090 1964 R27
9090T 1954 R25/3
9090S 1952 R51/3


Jon-Lars Sorenson, registered Washington State, USA

Plate Bike
R90S 1976 R90S
R100RS 1977 R100RS
R100S 1978 R100S
R80GS 1981 R80G/S