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$ 12,500.00
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The original owner, a doctor from Yuma, rode the bike to Tucson in '89 and traded it in on a K75. It languished for years in the back of the shop; long enough that the shop owner had it titled in his name, thereby officially becoming the second owner although he put few, if any, miles on the bike. It sat a few more years until the owner had one of the shop mechanics get it ready for sale. The engine and transmission were disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled. New wheels and tires (4.00x18) were added. Original switch gear replaced with /5 switch gear to allow use of handle-bar mounted rear view mirrors. Original gas tank cap replaced with one from an Audi car (?) for better venting. Repainted and re-pinstriped. Engine painted (?) silver. New Denfeld passenger seat added. Comes with original air pump, bar-end turn signals, a tank bag, Clymer manual and a, not original but very well equipped, tool kit.

I purchased the bike in May, '02 with 48,823 miles on it, becoming the third owner of record. Over the next several years, other than routine maintenance, I rebuilt the carbs and added vacuum take-off ports (Bing Agency) and replaced the stock ignition coil three times and the rear main seal once.

The coil failed again just as I suffered a lower back injury (no using the kick-starter) and the bike ended up unexpectedly sitting for several years. In 2016, with a little over 55,000 miles on the bike I got it back on the road again. That required having a fuel tank seam repaired, the tank relined, front seat cover replaced. carbs cleaned, new hand grips, new battery, fuel lines replaced, new ignition coil (the ignition coil problem was finally resolved with a unit from Bench Mark Works), and new tires (Hiedenau K36s, 3.50x18). Gong back to the original size tires made the bike a little more nimble.

The bike currently starts and runs very well, is a joy to ride, has 56,400 (and slowly increasing) miles on it, and is located in Tucson, AZ.

A sweet bike. A nice price. $12,500. Cash, please.

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