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Welcome to the IBMWR Marketplace! 

This marketplace is for BMW motorcycles, parts, accessories, clothing, tools, and the like, placed by individuals. Ads for non-BMW items will be deleted.

We are now charging US$2.00 per post, for items for sale. Wanted item postings, and stolen bike postings are still free. These fees go towards hosting our site, which is maintained by a 100% volunteer team.


Beware of fraud! This activity has been in all categories, with the Vintage and Wanted sections hit the hardest. One reason we are now charging for ads is to cut down on fraudulent activity.

Be very careful. Scammers will avoid allowing you to personally inspect items and almost always make an offer to ship immediately after payment. Company checks can be forged, and you won’t know until weeks after depositing them. We suggest that you get a valid phone number and speak to the potential buyer or seller before proceeding with any transaction. You can use PayPal or the Venmo app on your smart phone to make and receive payments.

Please report any suspicious activity immediately. We can help if you ask.

Note: When entering a price, do not use currency symbols. For wanted ads use 0.00 and you MUST enter a Price when placing a for sale ad.