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Email Lists

“the BMW motorcycle electronic campfire”

The main mailing list is like an electronic campfire at a rally for BMW motorcycle owners and enthusiasts. Other lists focus on technical issues, or the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America club, and they have fewer email messages per day.

If you join the IBMWR by subscribing to one of the lists, you’ll read discussions on technical issues like repairs and custom modifications, product reviews, dealer reviews, trip reports of all kinds, meetings all over the world, and hundreds of other topics (including a monthly email on how to unsubscribe). You’ll also see that the list is a free, readily-available source of help and information for your BMW-related problems and mysteries.

We have three different lists you can subscribe to:

  • The Main List. The mainstay of the club, which currently has about 1200 members world-wide! (subscribe)
  • The Tech List. Technical discussions, the place to ask technical questions. Currently about 1100 members (subscribe)
  • The Ads List. Members get an automatic email whenever someone posts a new ad in the marketplace (subscribe)

The regular IBMWR mailing list distributes anywhere from 5 to 50 messages per day to each subscriber. This can be a lot of email. Most people don’t attempt to read everything because it can be a full-time job. It can also place quite a load on your computer and software.

If that sounds like too much of a good thing for you, think about subscribing to the digest instead of the regular list.

What’s the “digest?”

A digest of a mailing list is one large message that contains several “regular” mail messages. When you subscribe to the digest mode of the list, instead of getting each individual message one by one, you’ll get one large message every now and then, typically one or two each day. The list server stores up the individual messages until they reach a certain file size and then sends the bundle out to you. This, naturally, delays some email.

You can also choose from two types of digests — all the messages strung together in a long text file, or with the individual messages included as attachments (MIME).

Some people prefer digests, some don’t. If you like to post to the list, it may be easier to get individual mail messages; if you mostly just like to read what others say, then the digest may be more convenient for you. If you use the digest, there’s some special writing stuff you need to know.