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Disclaimer! The comments, opinions and procedures expressed in the “Part Substitutes” page and other IBMWR tech pages are solely the opinion of the author(s) and neither represent the opinion of, are endorsed by, nor have been verified by the Internet BMW Riders. None of the statements or representations presented here have been checked or verified for accuracy. The author(s) may or may not be knowledgeable mechanics. Use this information at your own risk. The parts to be substituted and procedures related on this page may not fit, may not work, may not meet manufacturers specifications, and may cause damage to you and your motorcycle. BMW has recently indicated that use of non-BMW parts may be cause to deny some or all warranty claims. Again, use at your own risk. Contact the author(s) for any questions or comments.

… and on this subject, words of wisdom from one whose business is to remanufacture motorcycle parts:

“I sadly smile and wonder every time I see owners using ‘equivalent’ parts to save an inconsequential sum of money. By using manufacturer-specified parts, proper fit, performance and reliability are assured. If you must use ‘equivalent’ parts, let it be for reasons of necessity rather than cheapness, and be very sure you know how it compares to the approved part.” —  Rick Jones , owner of Motorrad Elektrik


General (or unspecified model) BMW Parts

Airhead Parts (R bikes to 1995)

F650 Parts

  • Yamaha Oil Temperature Gauge/Dipstick for F650 Dipstick – Joe Hlavaty

K Parts

Oilhead Parts (R bikes from 1994/5)

General (or unspecified model) BMW Parts

John Deere accessory plugs for BMW accessory plugs

Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 10:16:58 -0400 (EDT)
From: Steve Welsh <>

Accessory plugs for the “new” K’s & R’s: The male plug is John Deere #RE11344 $7.3, the female socket is JD #AL25073 $3.8

Editor’s note: These same plugs also fit older (airhead) R bikes, so this item is filed under “general BMW”.

Black Panther Predator battery for BMW battery

Date: Wed, 05 Nov 1997 13:33:38 -0800
From: Max C. McHatton <>

The model number of the Predator battery that fits BMWs is BP600MJ. They are available for $180 from Hansens BMW: (541) 535-3342, . Hansens is constructing a web-page with detailed information, including performance comparisons of batteries and other special products. The Predator batteries are totaly sealed, and are mailable. Black Panther also has a web site for additional information about the Predator battery at . After I replaced my BMW battery with the Predator, I rode it for about 30 minutes, garaged it (un heated) for about a week and then started it and shut it down five times in succession on a cold morning, without any ABS faults. I’m impressed. One other point of intrest. The Predator accepts over 50 amps of charging current. Try that on a conventional motorcycle battery and you will have a nasty mess and a ruined battery.

Honda Moly Paste for BMW spline lube

Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 23:00:44 -0500
From: Mark Domlovil <>

R. J. Godlonton eh’ed:

> I understand the recomended lube for the splines is “Honda Moly 60 Paste” eh. Trouble is no one up here has ever heard of the stuff. Can some one supply me with a Honda part number eh?

The part # appearing under the bar code is:

Distributed by: American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Torrance, CA 90501
H/C 2963866

I am not all that familiar with the Honda part system, but one of those two #’s should get you what you need. I paid (uh-oh…) $8.95 US last year for a 3 oz mini cardboard tube of this stuff. I have done three complete clutch/driveline lubes with this and some misc. applications on other spots and the contents barely look used. This tube may last longer than the K’s.

Hella accessory plug for BMW/car accessory plug

Date: Fri, 5 Feb 1999 22:55:47 -0700
From: R.F. Graver <>

I have bought several “Hella” plugs from my local dealer in Phoenix. The ones I buy are convertible plugs, that is, they can be used in the BMW or the automotive sockets. There is a circular plastic part on the insertion end which is removable. When removed, it works in the BMW socket, and when the plastic part is installed, it works in the regular automotive socket. I don’t recall the exact price, but they were approximately $10 apiece. A screw holds the halves together for easy disassembly. There are also screw attachments internally for the wires, for those ‘solderless’ people (on mine anyway). The Hella part number on the box is 8JA 002 252-102 and my dealers ID number is FLA38687135.

Editor’s Note: When asked about this, a BMW dealer parts manager said the “FLA” number is a Flanders company stock number, not a “dealer’s id”.

Also note, the thickness of the plug body is designed to fit older car sockets which may be much smaller than those in current American vehicles. The plug body measures 15/16 inch diameter including the brass (negative) side contact.

[Hella plug to fit BMW and car socket] TOP: Hella plug with end removed to fit BMW socket

BOTTOM: Hella plug with end attached to fit car socket

Westco sealed maintenance-free battery for BMW R or K battery

Date: Sat, 20 Feb 1999
From: Sam Lepore <>

Here are the model numbers and contact information for the Westco Battery SEALED, MAINTENANCE-FREE replacements for BMW batteries.

Shipping & handling included. In Continental USA only 800-214-8040
For orders outside Continental United States, call (714) 938-5080

MODEL   Volt  AH  CCA     Dimensions          OEM REF.          PRICE

12V28AP  12   28  400   6.9H x 6.5L x 4.9W   Y60-NI24A-A/B     $99.95

12V17    12   18  250   6.5H x 7.0L x 3.0W   YB18L-A Y50-N18L  $89.95

Select the 28 or 18 amp hour model based on the OEM specification in your owner’s manual.

The 12V28 is suitable for all R and K models which have ABS and require 12.5 volts for ABS initialization. The standing voltage of the Westco battery is 13.6 to 13.8 volts.

KD crimp tool and Oetiker hose clamps for BMW hose clamps

Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 12:50:15
From: Brian Curry <>

BMW and others use a crimp type clamp on various hoses and connections. Some of the typical applications that come to my mind are, the K bike air box to throttle bodies, the reservoir to brake master cylinder hose for the rear master cylinders, the early K bike coolant tank level sighting tubing. R11s have them on the fuel supply hoses. They are used in a number of areas, on BMW motorcycles and other vehicles. The clamps are designed as a one shot application. (Yeah, they probably can be reused but it would be a PITA.) Some would say use a screw type hose clamp. But… in some areas, the only thing that will fit, is the OEM, one shot crimp type clamp. And crimping them is not the easiest thing in the world.

However, Mark Rose, <>, found this information:

I was able to perform some research and came up with the following:

  • The dimpled-ear clamps are in fact the Oetiker type (I looked at of the clamps and it has Oetiker stamped on it!)
  • KD makes a plier (Part 3374 – $22.00 at NAPA) specifically for Oetiker clamps.
  • Pliers for CV boots (GM-type) can also be used provided the anvil is deactivated (requires the removal of the cam):
  • KD (Part 424 – $21.00 at NAPA)
    Snap-on (Part YA3080 – $??)
    Lisle (Part ?? – $??)

– You can also buy the BMW tool (Part 88 88 6 131 500 – $41.00), which a little pricey and is currently on backorder for 8 weeks!

I have seen the KD tool, Doug the mobil rally mechanic uses it. Good enough for me.

Additional note from Paul Donoghue: The KD tool is discontinued and my be no longer available.

Date: 8/2/2004 5:13 PM
From: Paul T. Donoghue <>

I went to my local auto parts dealer in search of the KD Oetiker 3374 pliers. He didn’t even have a listing for them. I confirmed via email with Danaher (KD’s parent company) that the 3374 are no longer available, copy of email at the bottom.

I was able to obtain a set from for $19.95 plus $6.27 shipping, the pliers arrived today. Not sure how many they have left (if any).

Corbin, Meyer, Russell, and Sargent seats for BMW seats

Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 16:31:15
From: Don Eilenberger <>

This thread “Corbin Support Sucks” and “Corbin Seats Suck” is regularly scheduled for about a 2 month interval. It pops up more frequently whenever (1) anyone tries for Corbin customer support (2) the Corbin truck shows up somewhere.. There will always be a few voices in the uproar saying how great Corbin seats/support are – just to balance out the mass of people saying it sucks.

This apparently has NO effect on Corbin at all – people have copied ALL the messages and mailed them directly to Mike Corbin – who feels as long as he’s selling 10,000,000,000,000 seats a year he must be doing something right. (And EACH and EVERY ONE of those seats is custom made for the bike it’s on and is NOT RETURNABLE!)..

The results of the discussion usually are:
Corbin sucks (except for a few people who really didn’t mind the stock seat anyway).

Sargent is OK – sometimes needs a tweak or adjustment, but they’re friendly people who TRY to help.

Meyer is OK – he makes a nice product and if a friendly guy.

Russell is GREAT – only know of 1 person who wasn’t happy with his seat from Russell – and got a full refund (he does that ‘ya know!)

Your local convertible top/car upholstery shop may or may not be able to modify your stock seat to something you can sit on, at a lot less $$$ than above choices..

So.. based on the above – you have one vendor who if you’re in your right mind you won’t go near, and a bunch of other ones who actually work for your business.. and one mebbe/mebbe-not local one..

I’ve done my part to impress Mike Corbin – have two bikes and two Russell seats..

Editor’s note: While many have expressed opnions on one or two of the vendors, few have experience with all four.

David Fishman <> adds:

So there you have it…from a guy who has tried just about all available aftermarket seats for the R11RT. Russell is by far the best and most comfortable (okay…so it took me way too long to come to that conclusion, sue me ;).

If you are interested in my pros/cons of Corbin, Sargent, Mayer, and Russell, feel free to shoot me a note. For others thinking about buying a seat, save the idiot taxes and go straight to Russell.

Editor’s note: See also the product review of all four seats, by Richard Bernecker

Forking By Frank fork tubes for BMW forks

Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 09:14:52 -0800
From: conary <>

Forking By Frank

After finding some internal damage in my bike’s fork tubes, I decided (withthe help of the list) that the safest bet was replacing them.

Instead of using BMW tubes ($460+/ pair new or $200+ /pair of unknown quality used), I got a pair from Forking by Frank ($191/pair delivered).

These tubes are guaranteed to be indentical to stock. They are almost. The lower portion that fits into the slider isn’t slightly tapered at the end as the stock tubes are. This made insertion past the fork seal a bit more difficult, but I haven’t noticed any difference in performance over stock.

My understanding is that they can supply tubes for nearly any BMW.

Scott Conary . 1991 K75s . Reno, Nevada

Airheads/IBMWR member 10% discount Panasonic sealed maintenance-free battery for BMW R or K battery (2)

Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 12:26:50 -0800
From: Roy Truelsen <>


The following is a letter I received from PPS’s Norm Premo, stating delivery, cost and warranty issues.

As discussed, Panasonic makes the battery for Westco that sells for $99 (incl. shipping). Airheads can buy from PPS the same battery for $58.50 (plus shipping). Other batteries, i.e. car phone, camcoder etc. also receive the 10% discount.

I have no affiliation with PPS. As info only.

Ride safe.

Roy Truelsen ABC#4363 1977 BMWR100S 1976 R90 Mad Max
Portland, OR (503) 626-9095 (503) 310-5270 (Cell)

From: Sales@gotbatteries <>
To: Roy Truelsen <>
Subject: SLA Battery Discount to the BMW Air Heads Organization
Date: Wednesday, March 22, 2000 9:59 AM

Mr. Truelsen,

Thank you for the opportunity to provide batteries to your organization. Portable Power Systems, Inc. has been in the battery business for 8 years. We specialize in batteries for the medical industry and have established procedures for quality and service in the products we carry. Our entire company is based on the national sales market and has extensive experience in packaging for interstate delivery.

Portable Power Systems, Inc. present volume of the Panasonic LC-X1228AP exceeds 100 units per month. We have the flexibility to increase these volumes with relatively short notice to account for your needs. We typically have 100 or more of this battery type in stock at any given time. We also stock the LC-X1220AP (12 volt 20 Ah) battery. This battery is the same height and width but has a shallower depth.

We would be happy to waive the minimum requirement of 3 batteries to obtain the 10% discount on all Sealed Lead Acid batteries. Presently our e-commerce package doesn’t allow a mechanism for deducting the discount when ‘checking out’, so the adjustment will be taken when we process the order. Another limitation is the freight calculation. Our policy is to not charge handling and bill actual freight cost. When ordering online, the amount calculated for freight on the site may be greater than the actual cost. After the order is processed, we send a confirmation e-mail with the UPS tracking number and actual cost charged to the credit card (battery plus freight). This confirmation (along with the invoice/packing slip enclosed with the battery) should serve as a receipt for the order. Telephone orders will be given the discount and actual freight cost immediately given to the customer. For telephone orders, the shipping/packing list enclosed with the battery will serve as their receipt.

Orders received before 3:00 MST are shipped that day. We ship via UPS ground from Colorado to the continental US. Most customers can expect delivery in 2-3 days (up to 6 days for the extreme Northeast). Since we provide a tracking number with online orders, the customer can track that package online.

All of our Panasonic and Power-sonic batteries carry a 18+12 month warranty. Hawker batteries. carry a 12+12 month warranty. During the first 18 months (12 months for Hawker) of the warranty period, Portable Power Systems, Inc. will replace any defective battery free of charge. We pay ground freight for the replacement and the customer is responsible for return freight of the defective battery. During the remaining 12 months, the customer pays a prorated price to the replacement cost of the battery plus any freight charges; in this case the defective battery can be scrapped locally.

Until we have a better way of handling your discount. Please have your members state that they are a member of the BMW Air Heads Organization in the comments section of the site. That way we will know to apply the discount when processing the order. When calling in, just mention it to one of our customer service reps.

Again, we thank you for the opportunity to provide you with quality Panasonic products. If you have any questions or need clarification please let me know and I will provide a prompt answer.

Norm Premo
Portable Power Systems , Inc.
Voice: 800-551-5645
Fax: 303-460-7306

IBMWR member discount Panasonic sealed maintenance-free battery from BatteryWeb for BMW R or K battery (3)

Date: 10/11/2000 1:11 PM
From: Roy Truelsen <>

I have followed up with Randy Walker on your earlier inquiry regarding discount pricing of Panasonic Batteries for IBMWR members. Randy has agreed to extend the current discount enjoyed by Airhead Club members to the IBMWR List, prices subject to change of course.

The Airhead members have purchased a large number of these batteries and have had tremendous success using them. These batteries have much stronger cold cranking amps, almost no self discharge (1-3% per month compared to 15% for wet cell batteries), and require no maintenance. Besides that, they are all black and look cool on the R-bikes where you can see them.

As you already know, the manufacturer of these batteries, Panasonic, also manufactures the exact same battery that is being sold by Westco for $95 to $105, a 68% to 85% markup! Westco simply buys the batteries from Panasonic and places their “Westco” label over the Panasonic label.

The batteries that BMW motorcycles use include:

LCR-1220-P   20 amp hour (higher rating than stock BMW batteries) sealed lead acid (SLA) battery with standard heavy post and bolt connections.

Application: Most /5 R-bikes and all new Oilhead bikes.Replaces: 61212306125, 61211459014, 61212306626

IBMWR Discount Price: $54.00 plus $8.50 shipping, or $62.50 total.

LCR-1228-P   28 amp hour (higher than Mareg 25 amp hour battery now being sold) sealed lead acid (SLA) battery with standard heavy post and bolt connections (Westco offers the smaller post and nut connections that limit the number of connections to the battery).

Application: All /6 and /7 R-bikes and 4-valve-per cylinder K-bikes.Replaces: 61211459650, Y-60-N24AL-B

IBMWR Discount Price: $58.00 plus $8.50 shipping, or $66.50 total.

Because these batteries are sealed, they can be shipped directly to your door anywhere in the Continental United States. Once they arrive, they are ready for use.

Randy also has a Web page EXCLUSIVELY FOR BMW OWNERS that will be up and running within the week. Your members will be able to select the product they need from the Web page, ENTER THE IBMWR DISCOUNT ACCOUNT CODE, and order direct over the net. Randy also has other products that the IBMWR members might find interesting, including a “pulsating” battery charger that helps prevent battery sulfating.

The BMW Club Discount Web page is located at:

The current ordering format that Randy has set up is:

  1. E-mail or call Randy toll free at (877) 746-2288. Randy is in Florida, or east coast time.
  2. Identify yourself as an IBMWR discount account member. The IBMWR Discount Account Code is “IDR”, for IBMWR-Discount-Randy.
  3. Randy or one of his helpful assistants will handle it from there and your members will receive the discount.

The IBMWR Discount Account Code is required to receive the discount but it also lets Randy track the volume and type of battery sales to the IBMWR members. Also, if there is any question or problem, Randy will know which group to contact.

Panasonic sealed maintenance-free battery from Digikey for BMW R or K battery (4)

Date: 11/14/2000 10:45 AM
From: Matt Kelch <>

Many thanks to all who wrote of sources for the sealed 20 amp-hour batteries. The price winner was a catalog house in N.D. called Digikey. $46.90 + about $6 ship. They sell the same sealed no spill, 20 A/H no tend batteries that Westco sells for $90 after they put their own sticker on.

I have had one for about 3 years and it is starting to sound labored on cold morning starts and send the clock to 12:00, so for $52 I’ll put one in before I get stranded.

Their website catalog is in .pdf format, requiring Acrobat Reader, or just 800 them. The battery for the 1100RT is the: LC-X1220P or their catalog # P231-ND. They have others sizes for our BMW bikes.

The line below is from the catalog, giving Volts, A/H, LxWxH in Inches and MM, catalog #, price, price for 4, Panasonic cat#.

12 20 7.13 x 2.99 x 6.58 (181 x 76 x 167) nut/bolt 14.6 (6.6) P231-ND 46.90 
— 160.80/4 LC-X1220P

Remember, the battery tray on the RT is just a CH over 3 inches wide.

More Product Available Online:
Toll-Free: 1-800-344-4539
Phone: 218-681-6674
Fax: 218-681-3380

Krylon paint for BMW silver engine case and drive train parts

Date: 4/26/2004 4:04 AM
From: Brian Collins <>

After Trying numerous paints suggested on Various BMW motorcycle related pages, I found that they were ALL very different (too much silver) from BMWs silver engine color……

In an experiment one afternoon I stumbled on to a near perfect Match sitting on the shelf in the garage all along. Its Krylon Dull aluminum followed by Krylon Satin clear. I’ve been using Krylon Dull Aluminum for years to repaint BMW and Mercedes Factory alloys (with Krylon gloss clear coat) and generally have a half dozen cans of the stuff around.

Several light coats of each are best,…..particularly on the clear coat. If you use heavy coats of the clear, the color will change (dark blotches) in places—–first two coats of clear should be very light dustings.

BONUS for silver Adventure owners!!!! The Krylon dull aluminum is a near perfect match for the flat silver color used on the silver GS Adventure. I just repaired a dent in my gas tank and finished with a few spritzes of Krylon dull aluminum——Not a perfect match….but VERY close!!

Also,…for you vintage restorers; Local Austin Healey restorers call Krylon Dull Aluminum ” Cad plating in a can”. It’s very close to the look of Cadmium plating.

Airhead Parts (R bikes to 1995)

Borg-Warner regulator for Airhead regulator

Date: Sun, 19 Oct 1997 19:50:19 -0400 (EDT)
From: Al Peirson <>

The later model airhead twins are equipped with a higher output voltage regulator, which can be retrofitted to all models back to 1970, and costs $100 from your friendly BMW dealer.

I located a regulator at my local Pep Boys Auto Store, which can probably be obtained or ordered at any automotive parts house, which is a bolt right up, plug right in, replacement. The cost is $30. It is a Borg-Warner R-588 alternator regulator. It is electronic, and will fit all airhead twins 1970 to 1995.

Neihoff regulator for Airhead regulator (2)

Date: Thu, 10 Jun 1999 10:04:42 -0400
From: Howard Etkind <>

Other direct fit replacements exist for the Airhead regulator…

A Neihoff WA 709 fits as well and both generic Bosch and Echlin parts. A decent auto parts counter person can cross reference against either the Borg-Warner R-588 or the Neihoff WA 709 numbers

Differences between stock regulator and Neihoff WA 709:

  1. Chrome, not black and orange
  2. Pigtail and external connector instead of plug in on regulator body
  3. Mounted vertically and not L-shaped
  4. Universally available and not only at BWM dealerships
  5. $36.16 and not the $140 for the BMW electronic regulator
  6. Electronic and not mechanical

Change out time was 15 minutes including tank and right saddle bag removal. Mechanically connected by two phillip head screws and had to remove one other module to gain access to the screw next to frame.

Fit was perfect, both mechanically connections and electrical connections. Bike is now charging 500 rpm lower than before. No more voltmeter cycling and charger HIGHER at highway speeds.

AutoZone regulator for Airhead regulator (3)

Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 03:28:00 -0700
From: Lee A. Dickinson <>

AutoZone has an equivalent to the Borg-Warner R588 that is made in Mexico and costs $14.95. I have been running one without incident for several years. For $28 you could buy two and carry a spare. The best way not to need a spare part is to carry it with you.

VW Bosch ignition coil for R90 ignition coil

Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 23:45:07 -0800
From: Max C. McHatton <>

The only one I know of is the ignition coils. I put two Bosch Blue high performance 6volt ignition coils on my R90, and noted improved starting, an increase in power and decrease in pinging.

NAPA (BMW 2002) regulator, and VW oil pressure sender for Airhead oil pressure

Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997 02:52:38 -0500
From: Don Eilenberger <>

Dunno if you caught it – but I did post a long time ago the replacement (NAPA auto parts) for the airhead voltage regulator.. don’t have the number handy (it’s out in the garage SOMEWHERE..).. but it’s one off a mid 70’s BMW 2002.. Direct plug-in replacement and provides a tad higher voltage to the battery.. cost about $30 or so.

If you don’t have it yell and I’ll rummage through the garage.

Also – airhead oil pressure senders – VW bug.. same sender. Not a real bargain since they cost about the same from a dealer (~$7) but handy to know if you need one when a dealer isn’t open.. any autoparts place has ’em.

Stromberg diaphrams for Bing carburetors

Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 21:03:15 -0800
From: Mort Harries <>

Yeah I guess I was a bit vague, so here’s more specifics…

1. The article was in Aug 97 issue of the British mag “Classic Bike”. It was a sidebar to an article on restoring a R90S. (lots of other interesting stuff in the article too)

2. The article said the Stromberg CD150 diaphragm fits a 32mm Bing, and a CD175 fits a 40mm Bing. (I have a R80/7 and the CD150 fit my bike’s carbs)

3. The box the diaphragms came in had a label for “Carbu Corp. Fairlawn NJ 07410” but no address. It also read “DIAPHRAGMS FOR ZENITH STROMBERG CARBURETORS ZS-001”

4. You have to find a good auto parts store. I called 5 or 6 before I found one that knew what I was talking about, and they just happened to have some in the back gathering dust!

Editor’s note: In another email, Mort added …

I think it would be helpful and explain why to use this non BMW part:

The whole REASON for finding and using Stromberg diaphragms is that on certain R bikes (the R80/7 is one), the BMW dealer will not sell you the diaphragms alone, but will tell you that you have to buy the whole slide assembly with diaphragm attached. This is on carbs where the diaphragm is attached to the slide by a pressed-on nylon ring.

However this ring can be pried off fairly easily with a screwdriver and your fingers. Just be careful not to scratch the slide. The Stromberg diaphragm will then fit on precisely, and the nylon ring can be pressed back into place.

The slide/diaphragm assembly will cost you $40+ at the dealer. The Stromberg diaphragm will cost about $5 at a good auto parts store.

Sears maintenance free battery for Airhead battery

Date: Mon, 1 Dec 1997 09:18:03 -0800
From: George Malina <>

My ’76 R90/6 required a jump start twice Thanksgiving Day – To get it started first thing in the AM at home, then after sitting for 2 hours away from home : ( I figured the Yuasa was worn out and needed replacing. I have had the bike for 11 months and have no idea how old it is and I do use a BMW trickle charger on it.

Not having easy access right away to a “genuine” Yuasa or BMW battery, I found myself browsing the lawn tractor battery section of Sears Hardware. (Someone on this list mentioned these as possible replacements – sorry I don’t recall who) I found a maintenance-free 325 CCA, Gold Lawn Tractor battery that looked like it would fit. Cost was 49.95.

Installation was relatively staright forward. It did require the removal of both sides of the air filter housing, which on my bike requires raising the main tank about 1 inch as well as removing one of the auxilliary fuel cells. Removed Yuasa, installed Sears. Put it all back together, put on charger four 4 hours. Seems to work well. My voltmeter now reads just over 13v while it was right at 12v or less at idle with the Yuasa.

I like the prospect of a maintenance-free battery. Is there something I am missing or is this yet another alternative to the OEM BMW battery?

Editor’s Note: George was asked for more detail in indentifying the battery. He responded:

Date: Sat, 2 Jan 1999 07:30:38 EST
From: George Malina <>

Sears Gold Garden and Tractor 325cca battery, Group U1R. It also has the marking 96145. When I bought the battery, I went by dimensions and the terminal positions. From my days as a diesel owner, I have always figured get the most cca’s for a battery that will fit. BTW, PO had already split the battery case but the installed battery was OEM. The Sears battery was to big to install from the top so I did it from the front after removing the air cleaner housing.

Hope that helps!

Bosch Voltage Regulator and Oil Pressure light switch for Airheads

Date: Wed, 4 Mar 1998 16:57:06 -0500 (EST)
From: David L. Makin <>

And here’s some R-bike from me:

Voltage Regulator, fits all airhead R: Bosch (Australia) RE57

Oil Pressure light switch, up to /7 at least: Bosch 0344101040

MTC Batteries for /2 Batteries

Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 00:53:15 -0800
From: Jack <>

Theres been some discussion about rebuilding /2 batteries. I just wanted to follow up on a post I sent a couple of weeks ago for /2 batteries. I found a company in California that makes 6 and 12 volt batteries. these batteries are made of hard rubber cases with exactly the right dimensions The only difference I can make out from the original is that the cases arent smooth like the original batteries, but have three narrow decorative ridges on teh top and bottom. they just look great though and come with their own cover which is a very close copy to the original. I was also told by the battery shop that put the acid in it, that it was a NiCd instead of lead and that it was a better battery ( Im dont know anything about. Anyway, it very few times in life your totally satisfied with something you mail order and this was definitely one of them for me. One of the best parts is the price $38.95 +$ 6.95 S&H. the company is MTC and the phone number is 310 538-1620. Once again (standard disclaimer) I have no affiliation with this company and benefit in no way from anyone purchasing one of these batteries. Hey as long as im on the topic of /2’s I saw an advertisement for whispertone mufflers by MAC exhaust systems that are chrome and purported fit /2’s , saw the ad in Dennis Kirk motorcycle parts catalog for $186.99. I think this is the best price ive seen for mufflers for this bike, anyone find anything better? has anyone used these mufflers? Do they make headers too?

Honneywell sensor for R100 Hall Effect sensor

Date: Wednesday, March 25, 1998 4:48 PM
From: Steven van Twuyver <>

The R100 Hall effect sensor for the ignition cannister is available from Newark Electronics as part #96F1986 for around $11.48. It is Honeywell part #2AV54.

FRAM Oil Filters for 1970-On Air Cooled Twins

Date: Tue, 01 Sep 1998 14:05:02 -0600
From: Jay Martin <>

All 1970 and later BMW motorcycles with horizontally-opposed, air cooled engines use one of three oil filters.

Bikes without factory oil coolers use either BMW filter

    • 11 42 1 337 572 (unhinged) or
    11 42 1 337 570 (hinged).

These filters have the same overall dimensions and are interchangeable; the one is hinged only to provide ease in changing. The FRAM filter substitutes are CH 6061 (unhinged) and CH 6060 (hinged).

Bikes delivered with a factory oil cooler use BMW filter

    11 42 1 337 575 (hinged).

The FRAM filter substitute is CH 6062 (hinged).

Notes — The above mentioned FRAM oil filters are available in many automotive supply stores — sometimes special order — or from motorcycle accessory vendors.

Some riders have experienced their unhinged filters collapsing, regardless of brand. The hinged equivalent is stronger and therefore less prone to collapse. However, a collapsed oil filter may be indicative of a more serious problem that warrants investigation.

Wells Mfg. (VW) Oil Pressure switch for Airheads

Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 02:55:55 -0500
From: Dan Toth <>

Oil Pressure Sending Switch for most BMW “R” bikes…..

Wells Mfg. Corp. PS 102 Oil Pressure Switch is exact replacement for BMW switch and can be purchased from most auto parts stores as Volkswagon Beetle Oil Pressure Switch….

Cost me $2.98 + tx = $3.07

NAPA Oil Filters for Airheads

Date: Fri, 24 Sep 1999 14:29:52 -0400
From: Greg Lindstrom <>

I have for many years bought the oil filters for my BMW bikes at NAPA. I own a R60/5 a R100RS and a R100GSPD. The filters come in a NAPA box with their part # but the filters inside have always been genuine BMW filters. The non hinged ones are between 3.50 and 4 dollars and the hinged are 4.50 to 5 dollars. They usually come with all the gaskets and O rings which I presume are non BMW. Hope this is useful info.

VW Voltage Regulator, Starter Solenoid, Front Brake Switch for R100/7

Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 18:15:01 -0500
From: Andrew Clark <>

I’m also a dedicated V.W. gear head and I’ve noticed some part similarities. please place these in the r-bike parts substitute section.


  1. VOLTAGE REGULATOR – IDENTICAL to that found on all V.W. type 2 (vans, transporters, westies, etc.) 1968 to 1979.
  2. STARTER SOLENOID – IDENTICAL to that found on ALL 12 volt AIR COOLED V.W.’s 1968 to 1983.
  3. FRONT BRAKE SWITCH – IDENTICAL to the two prong brake switch used on ALL 12 volt AIR COOLED and early WATER COOLED V.W.’s. Three prong switches can also be used, just find the two prongs WITHOUT CONTINUITY to connect the two wires to.

VDO Voltmeter for the $$$ Motometer Voltmeter

Date: Wednesday, 25 April 2018
From: Tom Childers, care of Michael McPeak on the Airlist

The VDO Cockpit Series analog voltmeter, part number 332041, fits perfectly, and only costs US$39 at the time of this writing. See Summit Racing and eGauges as sources of the part.

F650 Parts

Yamaha Oil Temperature Gauge/Dipstick for F650 Dipstick

Date: Sat, 19 Dec 1998 23:38:21 EST
From: Joe Hlavaty <>

I have found that the aftermarket oil temperature gauge/dipstick for Yamaha SR/XT 500s fits the F-650 perfectly and the dipstick mark is even correct. The part looks factory. I bought my oil temp gauge in Germany, but there is a report on The Chain Gang F-650 page that the part is available at

K Parts

VW clutch plate for K clutch

Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 09:28:42 -0500
From: Mark S. Hamlin <>

I once made a living buying/selling VW’s in my driveway also. When the set screw fell out of my gear shift lever on my K bike setting off a series of events that led to a complete tear down I noticed that the clutch plate ($100+) is nearly identical to a 40 horse VW. I think the 180 mm. $20. Made by Sachs, Brazil.

The one difference was the pad thickness. Would have required riveting. I decided I didn’t need a new one anyway.

Yamaha/Kawasaki shims for 2-valve K shims

Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 11:04:23 -0700 (MST)
From: Tony Black <>

One item did come up I want to let owners know about. If you need a shim for your 2 valve K and you don’t have a dealer close by, shims from some models of Yamahas and Kawasakis will fit in the Ks. If you have one of these dealers closer I’d use them. I have many times on my bikes and others. Ciao Tony

NAPA (Mustang) fuel pump for K11 fuel pump

Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 10:08:30 -0500 (EST)
From: BillZ <>

Mine died a sudden death somewhere around 70k (93 K11rs, not that that should make a difference) and I am now the proud owner of a NAPA pump for a 4 cyl Mustang, $80 and doing fine.

Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 21:31:47 EST

If you want to add to the fuel pump reference of mine, the NAPA part # is P74095 for the pump I installed. The NAPA pump now has over 30k on it with no problems.

NGK spark plugs for K100 spark plugs

Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 18:09:53 -0600 (CST)
From: Geoff Adams <>

A couple of weeks ago I was wondering why I was paying around $5.00 each for Bosch spark plugs every 10,000 miles and my Honda Civic with 96k on it still had its ORIGINAL plugs in it (running perfectly, I might add).

Anyway, I got on the phone and called a few auto parts houses and inquired about a crossover for the Bosch X5DC in my ’85 K100RS. They all gave the same NGK number and one of them had them in stock. So for $1.17 each I bought a set of NGK 7912 (formerly D7EA). I’ve put about 3k on them including the run to Savannah III, so I decided to pull a couple and see how they looked. They look exactly like the Bosch’s always look, which is to say, perfect. The run to Savannah was over 1k each way and included quite a bit of 90+ speeds. I’d say the bike has never run better. It turned over 100k on the Savannah trip. FWIW, etc, etc.

Big A fuel injectors for BMW fuel injectors

Date: Mon, 29 Dec 1997 14:02:09 -0400 (EDT)
From: Steve Welsh <>

Eric, someone about a year ago mentioned “Big A Fuel Systems” # BFS-80-19. $82 list/$37 wholesale. good luck…

Editor’s note: It was Richard Meltz, who would be glad to discuss his experience at: Richard Meltz <>

5 brands of fuel injectors for K100 fuel injectors

Date: Mon, 29 Dec 1997 23:20:03 -0500
From: Bob Johnson <>

These are the numbers that I saved. FWIW, I used the Standard injectors for ~$45 each. Definitely a good winter project. Smooth idle and really hits hard at 6 grand.

Stock '85 K100 0280 150 210 
'83 BMW 318i 0280 150 211

'83 BMW 318i 155 0028 Rebuilt
'83 BMW 318i 155 0234 New

'92-'94   4.9   6 Cyl F1ZZ9F593 B



Fram oil filter for K and Oilhead oil filter

Date: Sun, 4 Jan 1998 08:38:31 -0700
From: Rob Lentini <>

Here is data from the Fram catalog:

PH6063 (the actual specified filter for Ks and Oilheads, but expensive and hard to find):

  • OD 3 5/64″, H 3 3/16″, THREAD 3/4″ – 16 Straight Th’d,
  • RELIEF VALVE 9-11 psi,
  • ANTI-DRAIN valve NO,
  • filter style 1 (to accept socket)

PH3816 (for 2002 Bimmer):

  • OD 3 1/64″, H 3 23/64″, THREAD 3/4″ -16 Straight Th’d,
  • RELIEF VALVE 30-37 psi,
  • ANTI-DRAIN valve NO,
  • filter style 2 (won’t accept socket)

PH3614 (for MANY cars. I’ve been using it for years on Ks and Oilheads, cheap and VERY available):

  • OD 3″, H 3 23/64″, THREAD 3/4″ -16 Straight Th’d,
  • RELIEF VALVE 9-12 psi,
  • ANTI-DRAIN valve YES (doesn’t matter),
  • filter style 1 (to accept socket, though a slightly smaller one than the OEM socket)

Hope this helps clarify the situation.

Caution: the construction of the Fram 3614 filter may have changed.
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 20:28:10 -0500
From: Karl Parr <; Regarding the “Alternate Oil Filters” for a K-Bike, specifically the Fram 3614, you may wish to add a note that Fram has started putting a “sure grip” coating on the bottom half of their oil filters.Anyone wishing to use a Fram 3614 filter should make sure that it does NOT have this coating as it tends to DISINTEGRATE in the oil pan of a K-bike (and R-bike?). Upon chaning my oil today, there were many black flakes of plastic at the bottom of my oil pan.

29 Bosch items for K75 bikes

Date: Wed, 4 Mar 1998 16:57:06 -0500 (EST)
From: Steven J. Puig <>

Sure… There are 29 items for K75 Bikes (including alternatives for several items that vary by country & the side of the road bikes are ridden on). The items include (pls. excuse the translation from Spanish) the following:

ITEM                                                            PART NO.

(1) Ignition switch                                             0 232 101 003
(2) Ignition Control Unit (with an alternative for Switzerland) 0 227 401 003
                                                                0 227 401 005
(3) Ignition Coil                                               0 221 125 010
(4) Spark Plug, Super (X 5 DC)            0,60 mm               0 241 145 500
(5) Spark Plug, Silver (XR 4 CS)          0,70 mm               0 242 150 501
(6) Alternator (G1 L 14V 28A 22)          until 9/91            0 120 339 546
(7) Alternator (G1 (R) 14V 8/32A)         from 10/91            9 120 333 230
(8) Battery (12V 30Ah 180A)                                     0 180 053 030
(9) Starter Relay                                               0 332 002 161
(10) Fuel Injection Control Unit (LE2)    until 7/90            0 280 000 332
(11) Fuel Injection Control Unit (LE2.1)  from  8/90            0 280 000 376
(12) Fuel Injection Control Unit (LE2)    from 7/89 (police)    0 280 000 376
(13) Air Volume Sensor                                          0 280 200 040
(14) Pressure Regulator                                         0 280 160 200
(15) Water Temp. Sensor                                         0 280 130 032
(16) Injection Valve                                            0 280 150 210
(17) Butterfly Position Sensor [TPS?]                           0 280 120 302
(18) Fuel Pump                                                  0 580 453 999
(19) Fuel Pump (Treated against parasites [!])                  0 580 463 998
(20) Fan Motor                                                  0 130 007 304
(21) Fan Motor (Treated against parasites [!])                  0 130 007 319
(22) Rectangular Rt Hand Ride Headlamp                          0 303 750 100
(23) Round Rt Hand Ride Headlamp           Unitl 5/94           0 303 850 109
(24) Round Rt Hand Ride Headlamp                                0 303 851 100
(25) Rectangular Left Hand Ride Headlamp                        0 303 750 600
(26) Round Left Hand Ride Headlamp                              0 303 851 600
(27) Fog Lamp                              Until 9/91           0 305 402 106
(28) Wiring Harness Parts                                       1 987 352 018

Bosch spark plugs for K1 / K100 4v / K1100 spark plugs

Date: Thu, 05 Mar 1998 11:20:48 +1000
From: Graham Smith <>

K1 / K1004v / K1100

I’m working on getting you the part number of the BMW 3 series car oil filters that fit the K’s. Most bmw mechanics just see the BMW logo on the filter and assume it’s the expensive bike one. => no warranty problems.

The spark plugs are Bosch XR5DC’s which can be bought as a Bosch item instead of in a BMW box.

I would not recommend using the NGK equiv, as I burnt a valve in my K1 when i had them in. May just co-incidence, who knows? I stick to the Bosch now, in Bosch boxes.


BMW car oil filter for K1100 oil filter

Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 18:22:42 +1000
From: Garry Campbell <>

Just a short one to let you know the oil filters I use here in Australia for my K1100 LT are BMW car filters. The part number on them is; 11 421 258 039

Now I’m a little confused, another number on them is 1 258 038 made in Austria.

I can buy about three of these for the price of one from the M/Cycle dealer. They are a little longer in length but have the same guts inside as the K filter.

Take care!

Purolator air filter for K75 / K100 air filter

Date: Sat, 16 May 1998 11:23:36 -0500 (CDT)
From: Rick Landi <>

I’m using a paper filter from Purolator, model AF-3389, that replaces the stock filter perfectly. I don’t know where they came from, how much they cost, or whether they are still available but…

Since I have two left and only replace the filter annually, the answers to these questions haven’t been a priority for me. Oh, BTW, the fitment info on the box says BMW Motorcycles K-100 models.

Fram (Mustang) gas filter for K75 gas filter

Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 16:13:12 -0700 (PDT)
From: Clarence Dold <>

> have a rider who needs the substitute #’s for a fuel filter on a K.
> Some mustang years will sub. right???

The Fram filter for my 1996 Ford Mustang GT, 4.6L, is resting nicely inside the tank of my 1993 K75s. Same fuel pressure rating, 7.9mm rather than 8mm fittings, so you have to tighten the hose clamps a little farther. The body is larger, so it takes finesse to put it into place, but it fits.
Fram G3802A was $8.99 at Kragen auto parts, about 2,000 miles ago.

Yuasa/Exide battery for K100 battery

Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 02:37:05 -0700 (PDT)
From: N. Morrison <>

I have a 90 K100LT and have recently replaced the battery.

In the process of my renewal i have observed that Yuasa have actually got a webpage with specific models designated for various Beemers including R’s and K’s.( )

The actual designation/model number for the K100 is:
Yuasa Yumicron Y60-N24AL-B

interestingly i removed an Exide Edge battery from my k100 with exactly the same designation and took it down to Cascade BMW in Kirkland WA (great store good guys pay em a visit) We compared the two batteries the yuasa and the exide edge and you might not be too surprised to learn that they are one and the same battery except for the nice sticky label on the front.
Exide Edge Y60-N24AL-B

So there you have it the K100 ran fine with the Exide/yuasa by the way,

many thanks Nick Morrison (Seattle WA)

Six oil filter manufacturers for K oil filter

Date: Tue, 8 Jun 1999 19:01:50 -0700
From: Roy Truelsen <>

As info, the pressure relief valve on the BMW oil filter is rated at 9-11 psi, same as the Fram 6063. The Fram 3614 is rated at 9-12 psi.

Other alternative filters for the K-bike include:

Amsoil ASF-57
AC Delco PF-53
Hastings 157A, LF157
Motorcraft FL-271, FL-793
Purolator FCO-201, PER-241
Wix 51348, 51785

Roy Truelsen
Portland, Oregon

Caution: the construction of the Fram 3614 filter may have changed.
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 20:28:10 -0500
From: Karl Parr <; Regarding the “Alternate Oil Filters” for a K-Bike, specifically the Fram 3614, you may wish to add a note that Fram has started putting a “sure grip” coating on the bottom half of their oil filters.Anyone wishing to use a Fram 3614 filter should make sure that it does NOT have this coating as it tends to DISINTEGRATE in the oil pan of a K-bike (and R-bike?). Upon changing my oil today, there were many black flakes of plastic at the bottom of my oil pan.

Four spark plug and seven oil filter manufacturers for K100 spark plug and oil filter

Date: Sat, 7 Aug 1999 08:08:24 -0500
From: Jonathan Hutchins <>

Gathering together information to service my ’85 K100, I found some details that didn’t seem to be on the current parts list:

Spark Plugs:

  • Bosch X5DC (Stock)
  • Champion A 85 YC (Old designation per Clymer, 1990)
  • NGK 7912 (previously D7EA, per your list)

Oil Filter:
There was a lot of discussion on this ca ’95-’96, with the engineering specs for the FRAM coming out as good or better than the BMW filter. Someone else pointed out that BMW does not manufacture their filters, but outsources.

Per Joe Senner:

  • AMSOIL: ASF-57
  • AC DELCO: PF-53
  • FRAM: PH-3614, PH6063
  • Hastings: 157A, LF157
  • Motorcraft: FL-271, FL-793
  • Purolator: FCO-201, PER-241
  • Wix: 51348, 51785

Others including Rob Lentini have documented the Fram 3614, and I’ve used it; it’s the only one I’ve tried.

Caution: the construction of the Fram 3614 filter may have changed.
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 20:28:10 -0500
From: Karl Parr <; Regarding the “Alternate Oil Filters” for a K-Bike, specifically the Fram 3614, you may wish to add a note that Fram has started putting a “sure grip” coating on the bottom half of their oil filters.Anyone wishing to use a Fram 3614 filter should make sure that it does NOT have this coating as it tends to DISINTEGRATE in the oil pan of a K-bike (and R-bike?). Upon changing my oil today, there were many black flakes of plastic at the bottom of my oil pan.

An opposing view with cautions on non-BMW oil filters

Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 09:15:28 -0600
From: Bob April <>

Check out

and links.

It persuasively (DATA!, large amounts of DATA!) explains why:

  1. The IBMWR reference above is inaccurate when it says the Mobil 1 is the same as the Champion (although the page notes that the Mobil 1 is manufactured by Champion), and
  2. Fram is not my first choice. Plus – it has a link to a similar page discussing German made filters! Far and away the best comparison of oil filters I have seen.

Bosch fan for K radiator fan

Date: 6/23/2004 2:54 PM
From: Eamon Stanley <>

Bosch part # 0 130 007 027, available from a good auto electric store under that number. 55-80$ list( I was low), and I got one for 55$. Used in earler 911’s as the A/C condenser fan motor, seen discounted on the net to the mid-50’s. The Porsche part dies in exactly the same way. According to the ETK, the same fan ass’y is used in all the k’s up to the K12, so the same motor ought to work in all of them. I haven’t found out yet if they’re rebuildable under the Bosch part#, but I will. Also if just the brushes and bushings can be had. I’d be unshocked if VW and/or Audi use a motor from the same series (BPA) for some similar application.

SKF seals for Showa forks (editor’s note: 1992 and later K bikes and R100’s)

Date: 5/25/2015 1:52 PM
From Bob Fisher <>

SKF now make a modern seal kit for the 41mm Showa forks used on later K bikes. The part number on my package is KIT41S-COD-10008379152 and contains 2 seals for 1 fork.  The differences from OEM are lower friction (modern design and materials) and more importantly 3 sprung sealing lips per fork instead of one sprung lip and two unsprung lips. Regarding the friction, search on Youtube for “SKF fork seal” and you will find a number of testimonial demos.  Mine are bright green but I didn’t care as I am using boots. They are available in black if you look.  I don’t think any BMW dealers are selling them but KTM and Ducati bikes used the 41mm Showa forks and they are available through some of their dealers. Their online part number seems to be usually just “KIT41S”.

I fitted the seals a couple of weeks ago and the front end feels very nice, but I have to admit that my point of comparison was a pair of forks that usually had less than the recommended amount of oil in them.  Also I fitted them more for the expectation of long life than for any improved handling: didn’t buy a K75RT because I wanted to go racing.

You can see my green seals here

Details on the site of the US importer, where you can also find your nearest distributor:  (Black)

The green version is designated KITG-41S.  Color is the only difference.

Bob Fisher
92 K75RT

Oilhead Parts (Type 259 R bikes from 1994 on)

Deutsch fuel filter for Oilhead fuel filter

Date: Thu, 11 Sep 1997 18:49:33 -0700
From: Rob Lentini <>

Since reports are that several of you have experienced fuel filter fracturing in your Oilheads and maybe even Ks, I thought you’d like to know of two alternatives to the expensive stock filter:

Deutsch FF424: Same general shape and tube input/output diameter, steel body (strong!), $2-3 at Autozone. I’ve had one of these in my R1100RS for 20K.

Deutsch FF330: Smaller body diameter than 424 but same input/output diameter, will work OUTSIDE of the tank and fit in the tight R1100RS right throttle body area under the tank, $2-3 at Autozone. When changing to this run a metal substitute line in the tank in place of the OEM filter.

Fram oil filter for K and Oilhead oil filter

Date: Sun, 4 Jan 1998 08:38:31 -0700
From: Rob Lentini <>

Here is data from the Fram catalog:

PH6063 (the actual specified filter for Ks and Oilheads, but expensive and hard to find):

  • OD 3 5/64″, H 3 3/16″, THREAD 3/4″ – 16 Straight Th’d,
  • RELIEF VALVE 9-11 psi,
  • ANTI-DRAIN valve NO,
  • filter style 1 (to accept socket)

PH3816 (for 2002 Bimmer):

  • OD 3 1/64″, H 3 23/64″, THREAD 3/4″ -16 Straight Th’d,
  • RELIEF VALVE 30-37 psi,
  • ANTI-DRAIN valve NO,
  • filter style 2 (won’t accept socket)

PH3614 (for MANY cars. I’ve been using it for years on Ks and Oilheads, cheap and VERY available):

  • OD 3″, H 3 23/64″, THREAD 3/4″ -16 Straight Th’d,
  • RELIEF VALVE 9-12 psi,
  • ANTI-DRAIN valve YES (doesn’t matter),
  • filter style 1 (to accept socket, though a slightly smaller one than the OEM socket)

Hope this helps clarify the situation.

Caution: the construction of the Fram 3614 filter may have changed.
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 20:28:10 -0500
From: Karl Parr <; Regarding the “Alternate Oil Filters” for a K-Bike, specifically the Fram 3614, you may wish to add a note that Fram has started putting a “sure grip” coating on the bottom half of their oil filters.Anyone wishing to use a Fram 3614 filter should make sure that it does NOT have this coating as it tends to DISINTEGRATE in the oil pan of a K-bike (and R-bike?). Upon changing my oil today, there were many black flakes of plastic at the bottom of my oil pan.

NAPA Gold oil filter for R1100 oil filter

Date: Thu, 05 Mar 1998 19:57:42 -0800
From: Gary Wasserman <>

Here is a contribution for the page:

NAPA Gold Oil Filter #1348 (equiv. to AC DELCO PF-53/FRAM PH3614/etc.)

The guy in NAPA said they were made by Wix (Wix makes a good filter) but it’s hard to confirm this from the package.

I paid $4.95 ea. for my half dozen.

Editor’s note: In a second email, Gary added …

One other tidbit – like the FRAM 3614 the NAPA Gold is too small for the OEM filter socket.

Mobil 1 oil filter for R1100 oil filter (2)

Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 23:09:19 -0500
From: Bohumil Kral <>

Greetings to you all – this is my first post.

In the “BMW Part Substitutes” on, article “Fram oil filter for K and Oilhead oil filter – Rob Lentini” I saw Fram oil filter replacement – # 3614. This filter has an equivalent in the Mobil 1 Oil Filter line : “M1 – 102”.

I bought it today (Auto Zone shop) and if I find something unusual about it I will post it. The best about the Mobil 1 filter is the box – it looks great. The price of $10 which is five times higher than regular car filters tells me that the filter was DESIGNED for my R1100RT. …or the box was designed for it …. or they knew I will pay it at least once.

Editor’s note: After being asked “Did it work?”, Bo added …

It fits, does not leak. It is an option, I think you could add it to the substitutes page.

AC and “Car and Driver” oil filter same as Mobil 1 for R1100 oil filter (3)

Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 20:47:48 -0700
From: P.H. Marvin <>

I have a K1100LT and read the substitute parts articles with interest. I am not interested in Mobil 1 filters, but I had occasion to look at one today when I bought a filter for my ’91 Honda Accord. I compared the Mobil 1 with the AC and…THEY ARE EXACTLY THE SAME, even down to the letter “Y” stamped into the flange area. The only difference I could spot was the AC is painted blue and the Mobil 1 is painted white with a logo sticker. The price of the Mobil 1 was $9.99 and the AC was $2.89. This was at K-mart. I went across the street to Target and bought the SAME FILTER, this time “Car and Driver” brand, for $1.99. So if you are interested in the Mobil 1 filter, save your money and buy the AC.