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Technical Articles for Type 247 BMWs (plus a few for earlier /2 models)

Disclaimer: All material contained herein retains the original author’s copyright. The material presented here is not intended to take the place of knowledge, expertise, competence or common sense in the repair and maintenance of your motorcycle. If you are uncertain about what you are doing in the maintenance of your motorcycle, please seek competent, knowledgeable help. Remember to check Local, State, and Federal laws before making any modifications to your Motorcycle.

Links to Other Resources

Airheads Beemers Club

The ABC is a go-to place for support, with it’s own mailing list. Nearly every airhead expert left in the world posts there. Membership is $25-50 per year (depending on where you live) and gives access to the info pages in the web site, as well as a subscription to their monthly magazine. If you subscribe to the email list, you can search the email archives here.

ChiTech Manuals

The Chicago BMW Club has a great set of manuals available for airhead maintenance.

Snowbum’s BMW Tech Info

Robert Fleischer’s canonical airhead information website. This is a treasure trove with details on maintenance, oil chemistry, ignition timing, carb rebuilds, you name it. Unfortunately it is hard to find things unless you have spent some time poking around. Many of the articles are linked on his References Page and Technical Articles list. Some important articles are:

Anton Largiader’s Tech Site

Anton has a ton of experience with a variety of BMWs, and shares a wealth of info in this well-organized site, for example this definitive article on oil filter installation.

Chris Harris YouTube Videos

Chris ran Affordable Beemer Service in New Hampshire, a well-respected shop, for a number of years, and has a bunch of instructional videos for all 1970-on beemers on YouTube. Informal, profane and informative, you can learn a lot about common maintenance procedures from him. For example, look at his video on exhaust nuts. Brilliant.

Brook Reams’ Motorcycle Build Projects

Tons of detail and videos about airhead work, repairs, disassembly, improvements, and how-to’s like:

Duane Ausherman’s BMW Motorcycle Site

Duane has amassed a number of articles on /2 and later Airhead maintenance, plus detailed info about various aftermarket parts and accessories. Well worth a visit.

Jorg Hau’s R80GS Page

A long page of experiences and tech articles, mostly about GS’s, but full of general airhead info