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R100RS Handlebar Switch to K75S Bars

Rex Wright  –
(original publish date unknown)


A number of R100RS riders have changed over to K75S bars. It’s fairly easy and straightforward, and lots more comfortable that the stock bars. With this change the seating and bar position is just like a R90S or R100S (the R90S bar will NOT work).

Once you have obtained a K75S bar (comes pre-drilled for heated grip installation), you only need a few additional parts. On mine I also bought and installed 1977 R100S throttle cables (longer), and 1977 R100S front brake cable (also longer). The stock clutch cable worked great. Handlebar switch wires had to be pulled out slightly from the headlight, no big deal. Remove the dash pad, the old bars and switches, heated grips if applicable, and the top triple clamp. Do NOT loose the little clamping wedges that are installed under the control housing pinch bolts, inside the housing. The wedges are not available except as expensive re-made parts.

I painted the top triple clamp flat black like an R90S, you can also paint or anodize the bar clamps black. Polish the fork caps for instant good looks. Most people won’t even notice the dash pad is now gone. The ultimate would be installing R90S bar clamps, with the cool polished stripe down the middle. K75S bars are also black, and are available pre-drilled for heated grips. Reinstall everything with the new bars, route cables and wiring for smoothness & short runs.

  • Pre-drilled handle bar is BMW #32-71-2-300-384, BMW retail about US$75.
  • Throttle cables are BMW #32-73-1-236-615. BMW retail each about US$16.
  • Front brake cable is BMW #32-73-1-234-857, BMW retail about US$20.

My aching back and sore hands magically disappeared after this mod. You will notice in full lock parking lot turns that your knuckles can touch the inside of the fairing, but it’s no big deal. Ride ’em if you got ’em, that is all…

Rex Wright, San Antonio BMW Riders Assn.

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