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Fix for Loose Handlebar Controls

Chuck Ward
(original publish date unknown)


Mark where the control is on the handlebar with a crayon, felt marker etc.. Remove the allen screw from the control. Slide the control towards the end of the bar about 1 inch. Run negative jumper cable from battery of car or motorcycle to the triple clamp or directly to the handlebar. Place a steel nail in the positive clamp of the jumper cable and “tap” the handlebar with the nail where the control is to be clamped. Caution, the nail will get very hot. Tap around the bar 6 to 12 times staying inside the place you marked.

If you look closely you can see where metal from the nail has been deposited on the handlebar. Take a pocketknife blade and force it into the clamp gap to slightly spread the clamp on the control. Slide the control back into place and remove the knife blade. Position the control and replace and tighten the allen screw. You can now take the machine out for a spin and enjoy the wonderfulness of having everything stay where it is should. Be sure to remove the jumper cables before riding.

Chuck Ward
71 R75/5
78 R100RS .

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