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Removing a 120 series tire on a /5

Henry Palach
(Original publish date unknown)

To get the rear tire off with 120/90-18 and a saddle bag rack on it , you have to jack up the bike. I used to think that this was a real PITA but I have found a way that is relatively easy.

You need a five small pieces of 2×4 .You can use anything ( bricks, flat rocks,slate, cord wood etc. BTDT )once you learn the technique.

1. Put your bike on the center stand.

2. Take 1 piece of 2/4 and lay it parallel to the bike up against the center stand.

3. Tighten your steering damper tight and run a lashing strap from the cross bar on the stand to the cross over pipe (not hot)and tighten..

4. CAREFULLY with one hand on the handle bars and one on the rear frame, tip the bike away from you only far enough to nudge with your foot the 2×4 under the stand( With a assistant you can pull the bike toward you. Your assistant can put the board(s) on the opposite side). Look and make sure it is flat and square on the ground (if not kick it away) and let the bike down on it . Let the rear wheel rest on the ground. An assistant helps a lot with this but I routinely do it by myself.

5. Now go to the other side and put 2 pieces of 2×4 on top of each other and repeat  Step #4 and letting the rear wheel rest on the ground.

6. Go back to the first side and place 2 pieces of 2×4 on top of each other and tip the bike like before and nudge the 2x4s moving the first toward the center and let the bike down. Remove the loose 2×4.

7. Tip the bike forward onto the front wheel and prop it up in the rear.

8 FLATTEN YOUR REAR TIRE BY REMOVING THE VALVE . Remove the axle and remove the wheel in conventional way with a side to side motion till the tire clears the brake shoes. a little armor-all sprayed on the point of contact really helps. Cake!

9. To it let down do the procedure in reverse taking out one 2×4 then two and then the last. Have fun

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