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Air Filter

Removing the K-Bike Air Filter

Harold Gantz ( writes:

Also, how the hell do you replace the air filter element? I removed the intake snorkle and unfastened the spring clamps on the air filter housing (1 in front, 2 in back). There doesn’t seem to be enough room to separate the top half of the housing from the bottom, let alone extract the filter element. Do I have to disconnect the large diameter flex hose that runs from the element housing to the adjacent throttle body plenum? I removed it’s clamp but the rubber hose was on so tight, I couldn’t free it from the air filter housing. Is it ok to lever the hose off with a couple of screw drivers? Once off, will it go back on easily, or is it just as difficult to put back? Is there another way to get the air filter element out?


“Diaz Jon” <>

I would remove the sidecovers and remove the gas tank clips so you can tilt it up. The air filter has a lip removed on the side that points toward the FI rack, so you just have to get the top housing up slightly to slide the filter out. I pull the housing clips, tilt the back of the tank up with a shoe, and just wiggle the top of the housing up until the air filter slides out.

Jon Diaz
K Whiner MC #2

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