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Belly Pan Protector for K12RS

The “Protector”

By Ken Bowen
October 2007

The “Protector” was available in various colors for the belly pan of the K1200RS. You know, the screen inside the front opening of the belly pan. Did you miss out on buying the “Protector” from the “Pirate”, or other sources as I did? I went to Home Depot, bought a small roll of 1/4″ 23 gauge, galvanized screen material and installed it with pop rivets. I think it looks great. Not counting the purchase of the pop rivet gun and rivets, which I needed anyhow, it cost less than $8.00.

Tools required:

  • Sheet metal cutters
  • Pop rivet gun and rivets
  • Electric drill and drill bit to match rivet size
  • 1/4″ 23 gauge galvanized screen material available at Home Depot

Cut out a square portion of the screen material that is larger that the opening for the belly pan. Mark and drill two holes at the top outer edges of the opening, making sure the holes are square and level. Attached the screen material with the pop rivet gun to the belly pan, making sure the screen material is flat against the belly pan. Now keeping the screen material flat against the belly pan, drill a second set of holes half way down on the outer edge of the opening, and attach. Now drill holes at the bottom and attach.

The Protector

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