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R1100 Heated Grip Installation

Heated Grips Installation

Brad Hepler

Really, the only trick is hooking up the grips to the harness. Look for a white connector tied to the left hand fairing support just ahead of the tank. It’s about even with the bottom of the tank and is about 1/2″ X 1/2″ X 1″.

IMPORTANT: THERE IS NOW A KIT THAT CONTAINS THE PARTS BELOW. GET THE KIT! It will save you a LOT of money. I’ve seen the kit for US$170 as of 2/94.

Requires the following parts: (these were on the invoice; I assume they’re BMW part #’s)

P/N              Description
61 31 2 315 221  HANDLE LEFT
61 31 2 315 222  HANDLE RIGHT
61 31 2 300 084  ELEMENT   (QUANT. 2)
61 31 2 300 082  WEIGHT    (QUANT. 2)
61 31 1 459 982  SWITCH
61 13 1 361 706  PLUG CONNECTION


Just remove the panel, pop out the dummy switch and snap in the new one. There will be an unused wiring connector in the fairing which connects to the switch.


-Remove the allen bolts at the end of the bar and catch the bar end weight. Some water may come out too.

-Remove the old grips (glued on foam in my case)

-Slide on the new grip, but leave the wires hanging out for now. Line up the screws on the grip with the holes on the bar (near the switches). Look up the handlebars; you will see a small hole in the bottom of the bar. This is where the wires will feed through.

-There is a metal tube that goes inside the bar. The O-rings go toward the inside of the bar. Feed the wires through this tube, and then feed them through the bars and out the hole at the end. Look under the bars, just before they bend down, and you will see the leads sticking out.

-Slide the tube in the bars. There is a pin sticking out of the side of the tube; this mates with a slot in the end of the bar.

-Run the wire down to the white connector.


Same as above, but

  • This grip doesn’t screw to the bar (you have to turn the grip, ya know…)
  • once the old grip is off, remove the right hand cover on the switchgear: remove the 2 screws holding it in, and remove the screw on the front of the enclosure which holds the throttle cable in place. Should be straightforward to reassemble.


The leads from the grips snap into the white connector that comes with the kit. Polarity doesn’t seem to matter, but don’t get it rotated 90 degrees!

END VIEW of connector: put the leads for one grip in the left hand side; the leads for other grip in right hand side. In other words, DON’T put the leads for a grip in both top slots.

   |         |         |
   |   1     |    2    |
   |         |         |
   |         |         |
   |   1     |    2    |
   |         |         |
   \         |         /
    \       /\        /
     =======  ========

That’s all there is to it. Use lots of cable ties.


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