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R1100/850 Installation of Speedster Screen from R1150R

Installation of Speedster Screen
from the R1150 R onto the R850/1100 R

George Stamatis  –

I was always fond of a small screen covering just the instruments. Even the smallest accessory screen for R850/1100 R was too big for my taste. When R1150 R was introduced last year I noticed that a small screen was offered as optional equipment called “Speedster screen”.

From a first observation I was sure that it could fit to my R850 R. On the contrary, BMW technicians and dealers were telling to me that there was no way that it could fit the 850R model. I ignored them and after a more detailed examination I came to the conclusion that only two longer bolts were needed for the conversion. Finally I gave it a try at the local dealer and after that I bought it and installed it myself.

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The kit (Photo: KIT) is supplied with two bolts which fit under the R1150 R steering bar. I had to buy from a general store just two longer bolts (Photo:BOLTS) which replaced two of the four bolts securing the steering of the R850 R. The cost for the two bolts reached roughly the amount of $ 0,5 or € 0,6.

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The first step was to remove two of the four original bolts securing the steering (indicated with red color in Photo:STEERING).

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Then I inserted the new longer bolts (Photo:LONG BOLT) and – from below – each screen support from the kit, followed by the original washers/nuts (Photo:LEFT SUPPORT).

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The final step was to fit – according to kit instructions – the screen, center it in relation to the instruments and tight the nuts under the steering.

The appearance is very good (Photos: VIEW / SIDEVIEW) but I can admit that the gap between screen and headlight is more than on the R1150 R. Anyway, in my opinion this is not important but I have to mention it.

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For any additional information you can contact me at my e-mail address:

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  1. Steve S

    Just for reference, the longer bolt is an M8 1.25 80mm (original is 60mm long)

    Just did this on mine. Nice addition

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