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Handling Upgrades for early K’s

K100RS Handling Upgrades

By Svein
September 2000

Thought you might be interested in some changes done to my 1985 K100RS.

I found the handling on twisty road rather below par, and started to look into things. The total package ended up as follows:

Sport forks from a K75S substituted the original “up and down we go” units. This lowered the front a little and gave firmer suspension with better damping and MUCH less dive. BMW 10W oil inside.

The Bilstein at the rear was sent to the permanent archive and a Hagon unit with stepless adjustment on BOTH spring and damping was installed. The spring on the Hagon is stiffer than original and the unit is about 10 mm longer. Super product!!

Pirelli Match MT08 and MT09 went on, with 110/80 up front and 140/80 at the rear.

These changes resulted in a bike which turns better, is more stable in curves, more predictable under braking and with no suspension problems when riding at max load.

PFM cast-iron brake discs and Ferodo pads were installed, giving superior braking.

Also put on a BSM exhaust because it looks nice!!

My K has now done 113,000 miles and still runs beautifully. Superbike!!!

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