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Saddlebag Tie-Downs

Luggage Tie-Downs

By: Cary Stotland
August 2000

Just in time for a Daytona-bound adventure, here’s a little tip for that next big haul. Tie-down points on a BMW are few and far between. There are a few different aftermarket approaches to providing them, but for one reason or another I’d rejected them as inadequate. What I opted for instead has proved a welcome addition, and I thought I’d pass it along to the masses.

I moseyed on down to the local hardware store and picked up a couple of pairs of plastic drawer pulls, along with some stainless #8 finishing screws and cup washers. I mounted them on the side luggage. I got one pair for the front of bags that was 3″ on-center and a pair for the back that was 3 3/4″ on-center. You could use 3″ all around if you want.

Here’s a couple of pictures to show you the layout. First, a shot of the front left bag looking down.


Next, here’s a shot of the right rear. The nicest part of this arrangement is that I can use several hooks of varying kinds all at once. Large hooks, ball-ends, small hooks, etc.


Mounting on the inside is a snap. The flat-head finishing screws and the cup washers bite well into the side and provide great strength. Just measure (OK, twice..) and drill a couple of holes in the plastic, screw ‘em up tight and yer off!


I have also found them convenient to strap on a spare helmet on the right-rear bag. It stays remarkably clean.

You may want to opt for metal pulls if you can find them. I have, subsequently, and keep them in reserve for some signs of failure of the originals. I’ve had ’em on almost two years now, and they’re still as good as new. I like the flexibility of the plastic pulls because it lets me sneak the ball-end cord in easily, but still keeps it fairly snug. YMMV.

Cheap, easy, and eminently useable.

See you at Daytona!

Cary Stotland
Austin Road Warrior
’85 K100RT
Kaw Z1
Carpe Beemum! Seize the Beemer! (just not mine, OK? 😉

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