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Spline Lube Checklist

Spline Lube Checklist

By Deryle Mehrten
July 2000

Remove Body Parts
Take off Tank Bag
Take off Rear Trunk
Remove Side Covers
Take off Taillight Fender
Remove Rear Fender
Remove Belly Pan
Remove Hard Bag Mounts
Left Side Holds Muffler
Remove Coil Cover
Disconnect Accessory Plug(s)
Remove Alternator Cover (Right side)
Take off Left Lower Fairing Panel
Take Seat Off
Remove Seat Stay Arm Clip
Remove Rear and Side Stay Clips
Remove Under-seat Tray
Remove Brain
Remove Brain Box Left Side Cover
Remove Retaining Pin on Right Side
Slide Brain Out
Disconnect Brain Master Socket
Put Brain in Safe Place
Disconnect Any Accessories
Remove Tray (Check for Rubber Mounts)
Remove Battery
Unbolt Battery Clamp
Disconnect Battery
Negative Terminal From Engine Case
Positive Connections at Battery
Pull Over Flow Tube From Transmission
Remove Battery
Unbolt and Remove Battery Plate
Remove Gas Tank
Pull Tank Clips
Disconnect Fuel Line/Fuel Return Line
Disconnect Fuel Pump/Gas Gauge
Electric Lines
Lift up Rear of Tank, Pull Back
and Lift Tank off Bike
Remove Radiator Over Flow Tank
Disconnect Radiator Tank Over Flow Hose
at Radiator Cap
Pull Radiator Over Flow Tank From Frame
Remove Rear Wheel
Disconnect Electrical Lines
Unplug Rear Brake Switch Line
Unplug Speedometer Drive Line
Unplug Gear Indicator Switch Line
Unplug ABS Sensor Line
Unplug Right ABS Unit Line
Left ABS Unit Does Not Need
to be Disconnected
Take off Footpeg Mounts And Rear Brake Caliper
Remove Left Mount:
Unbolt Left ABS Unit From ABS Bracket
Unbolt ABS Unit From Engine
Suspend Left ABS Unit From Frame
Unbolt Footpeg Mount and Remove
Remove Right Mount:
Unbolt Rear Brake Caliper
Unbolt ABS Unit from Engine
Unbolt Footpeg Mount
Take Off as a Complete Unit:
ABS Unit, ABS Bracket,
Rear Caliper, Master Cylinder, Reservoir
and Footpeg Mount
Be sure to Locate and Remove Brake Arm
Retaining Spring
Remove Muffler
Take Off Muffler Cover
Loosen Headpipe Clamps
Remove Muffler by Vigorous Shaking
While Pulling Back
(Note Which Clamp Came off Which Pipe)
Remove Clutch Arm
Disconnect Clutch Cable
Disconnect Side Stand Retractor Arm
Loosen Rubber Boot Clamp
Drive out Clutch Arm Pin
Drive First From Left Side – Far Enough
to Remove Side Stand Arm and Spring
Drive Out Pin From Right Side all the Way
Remove Boot From Trans & Arm
Examine Boot for Any Rips or Tears
Replace if Any Rips or Tears
Clean and Grease Both Arms
Remove Rear Drive
Block Up Swing Arm or Suspend From Frame
Unbolt Shock Absorber
Unbolt Rear Drive and Remove
Lube Rear Drive Splines
Remove Swing Arm
Remove Retaining Screws on Right Side
Pull Right Side Plug
Loosen Left Side Lock Nut
Unscrew Left Side Plug
Pull Back on Swing Arm
(Rubber Boot Should Come Off Transmission)
Drive Shaft Should Remain Connected to
the Transmission Out Put Shaft
Examine Boot for any Rips or Tears
Replace if any Rips or Tears
Remove Drive Shaft
Pull Back Vigorously to Disconnect
the Snap Ring Holding Swing Arm to
Transmission Output Shaft
Lube Drive Shaft Splines – Both Ends
Remove Electric Starter
Remove the Two Retaining Bolts
Pull Back to Remove
Examine Rubber O-ring for Damage
Replace O-ring if Worn
Block and Brace Bike
Rope From Ceiling or Use Saw Horses
Place Blocks Under Motor
Block Front Tire to Prevent Rolling Forward
Remove Side and Center Stand Mount
Remove Four Stand Mount Bolts
(Bolts May Require Replacing)
Side Stand and Center Stand Will Come
Off With the Mount
Remove Transmission
Place Blocks or Rolling Jack Under Trans
Remove Transmission Bolts
Slide Transmission Back
Lube Clutch Spline
Lube Transmission In-put and Out-put Splines
Slide Transmission Back into Place
To Align Splines Put Transmission into
5th Gear and Turn the Transmission Out-put
Spline to Align the Splines
Important to Replace Clutch Arm and Side
Stand Arm First. Clearance Problem
Be Sure the Rubber Boot on the Clutch Arm
is Firmly Mounted and Secured
Connect Clutch Cable
Bolt on Side Stand and Center Stand Mount
The Bike Can be Lowered from the Roof or
Taken off the Saw Horses if Desired
Connect Side Stand Retractor Arm
Connect Drive Shaft to Transmission
Besure the Drive Shaft “Snaps” into Place
Put on Swing Arm
Slide Swing Arm Over Drive Shaft
Be Sure the Boot Snaps Over the
Transmission Lip
Be Sure to Apply Antisieze Paste to
the Swing Arm Plugs
Insert Right Plug and Bolt into Place
Screw in Left Side Plug
Torque Left Side Plug to Spec
Torque Lock Nut to Spec
Put on Rear Drive and Rear Shock
Recommend Applying RV Sealant to
Rear Drive and Swing Arm Faces
Replace Right Foot Peg Mount
The ABS Unit, ABS Bracket, Rear Caliper,
Master Cylinder, Brake Fluid Reservoir
and Footpeg Mount go on as a Unit
Connect Brake Arm Retaining Spring
Connect Speedometer Sensor, ABS Unit,
Rear Brake Switch, ABS Sensor
and Gear Indicator Wires
The Battery Plate Should be Installed at this
Time to Hold the ABS Mount in Place
Bolt Right ABS Unit to Engine
Push Battery Over Flow Tube Through Trans
Replace Left Foot Peg Mount
The Muffler Should be Replaced at the
Same Time
Be Sure to Use the Correct Muffler
Clamp on the Correct Header Pipe
Install Left Hard Bag Mount to Hold Muffler
Bolt Left ABS Unit to ABS Mount and Engine
Install Battery
Be Sure Ignition and Any Accessories
are Off or Disconnected
Set the Battery into the Battery Tray
Connect Negative Wire(s) to Frame
Connect Positive Wire(s) to Battery
Connect Battery Over Flow Hose to Battery
Replace Radiator Over Flow Tank
Connect Rubber Tube to Radiator Cap Mount
Slide Radiator Over Flow Tank into Place
Install Battery/Over Flow Tank Retaining Plate
Mount Under Seat Tray
Push Under Seat Tray into Place
Insure All Rubber Mounts are in Place
Connect Brain to Wiring Harness
Slide Brain into Under Seat Tray
Push the Retaining Pin In and Push on the
Left Cover
Connect Any Accessories
Replace Gas Tank
Lift Tank onto Bike and Push Rear of Tank
into Retaining Mounts
Put on Tank Retaining Clips
Connect Fuel Pump/Fuel Gauge Wire
Connect Fuel Line and Fuel Over Flow Line
Install Seat
Mount Rear Tire
Replace All Body Parts

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