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Steering Wobble

Front End Wobble Diagnosis

By: Don Eilenberger
May 1999

I wonder if any of you have solved my problem before.
My beemer (with an RS fairing) has a tendency to wobble it’s front wheel when I loosen my grip on the bars. The problem seems worst between approx 25-35 mph.
It doesn’t happen at high speed (thank the lord!)
It also becomes more pronounced when I have a pillion passenger.
Could it be a shock absorber problem?

Dear Stewart, this topic has been covered MANY MANY times on this list – on almost every model of BMW – and certain answers seem to always be presented, so here they are. Not necessarily in order of likelihood to cure the problem:

  1. Don’t do that. Don’t let go of the bars. Hey – it answers the problem!
  2. Steering head bearing adjustment – check it or have it checked. Notched or worn bearings can cause this also.
  3. Tire – some tires are prone to this behavior – especially as they wear. Have heard of Metzlers doing this.
  4. Tire pressure – check it. Make sure it’s correct if you have a pillion passenger.
  5. Shocks. Can be rear – which effect the front more than you think!
  6. Forks. Been serviced lately?

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