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Low Friction Throttle Cable

Oilhead Low-Friction Throttle Cable

by Rob Lentini

Many oilhead owners have complained of throttle synchronization problems and resultant “surging.” At least part of the problem may be attributed to the original spec sticky throttle cable which made repeatability of throttle body synch difficult.

A “low friction” throttle cable is available free under warranty if your R1100 has under 18,000 miles on it and has a VIN (vehicle identification number) UNDER the following:

R1100RS   0312537
R1100GS   0381479
R1100R	  6379238
R1100RT	  0440499
R850	  from start of prod.

Anyone out there with less than 18,000 miles and a VIN under the above should DEFINITELY get this new cable! It’s covered under warranty service bulletin #2748 dated 7/3/96. Frank Stevens mentioned this at Morganton, so ANY dealer should know about it!!!

Rob Lentini
Tucson, AZ
’94 R1100RS
Three Flags 97 #205
Candidate for BMWMOA Director
“Let’s RIDE more and politic LESS”

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