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Fork Gaiter Installation

Install Fork Gaiters

By Jon Diaz
February 1996

Scott Adams says:

>I am looking at putting fork gators on my KRS but am running into
>some snags. Am I really going to have to remove the brake line and
>ABS sensor line in order to drop the forks through the triple clamp?

Snip the cable ties that hold the ABS sensor wire to the brake line. You will have to pull the fork brace cover off to get all of them. Pull the sensor at the wheel by removing the two allen bolts holding it to the fork tube, and move it to the side. I would pull the brake calipers at this point also and move them aside… might have to pull the back half of the fender because I can’t remember how the K-RS brake lines are routed.

Remove your engine spoiler, and slightly jack up the front of the bike. Do not use a plastic bucket to hold your bike up as we did with Dave Soine’s K1100LT in my garage. It was scary. 🙂 Pull the front wheel, and take the fork tubes off as a pair after loosening the pinch bolts. I did this by sitting on the floor directly in front of the bike, and pulling the tubes down into my lap.

The SECOND those tubes clear the bottom triple tree, put the boots on (correctly oriented with the fat side down!!), and get the tubes back in as quick as possible. A strong helper is definitely recommended here.

Secure the boots and sensor wire with cable ties/clamps (make sure you use the clearance shim when reinstalling the ABS sensor!), replace the removed parts, and re-torque everything.

(Editor’s Note: Also see this Web Bike World Article)

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