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Throttle Cable Adjustment for early K’s

Throttle Cable Adjustment – 85 K-Bikes

By Tom Coradeschi
July 1994

Brian Brumfield wrote:
>> Clymers says to simply twist the little throttle cable adjustment
>> nut/screw/thingy by where the cable exits the right hand switch “pod.”
>> Great, except on my bike, there isn’t a little adjustment critter. Hmm…
>> I’m barely able to see what *might* be an adjustment nut on the other end
>> of the cable where it attaches to the FI. However, I would really like to
>> know that that’s what I should be messing with before I remove 75 pieces of
>> plastic and the gas tank. Is the answer “buy a new cable”?

> I had to remove the cover next to the grip (the large phillips-head
> screw just to the left of the grip) and then reposition where the
> teeth mesh on the grip and the cable-puller assembly, reinstall the
> cover and voila.
> I had to play with it a couple times to get it right, but it did the
> trick.

But you don’t have to do that. On ’85 K100 models, the adjuster is in the
middle of the cable (well not really the middle, but 10 – 12″ from the
handgrip). Look for a lump of rubber in the cable and pull it back. There’s
your adjuster! Inside the handgrip, the scribed line on the grip and the
line on the pinion gear should be aligned when the throttle is closed.

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