IBMWR Goodies

T-Shirts, Pins, Patches, Decals, etc.

Patches, Pins, T-Shirts, Mouse Pads, Shift-lever Condoms (sold out!),
Temporary Tattoos (some day), Pocket Protectors (you wish!) & Other Things

You can order your very own IBMWR Patches, T-Shirts, and other goodies to display proudly to your friends and neighbors. Click below on the appropriate link to pull up the page with information on the item you're interested in. Each page will have all the info about the item, who to contact to place an order, and pictures of the item when available.

All IBMWR goodies are handled by volunteers and any proceeds from sales are donated to charities or back to the list itself (list server bills, etc). No one profits from any of this, and many people donate lots of their time to make these projects happen. If you have an idea for a project using the IBMWR logo, contact Joe Senner to see if might already be in the works. The IBMWR name and logo are trademarked and copyrighted. You will also need to get permission in writing to use the IBMWR logo.

Patches (not currently available)

Pins (not currently available)

T-Shirts (a few left)

Decals (get 'em while they last!)

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