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Service Bulletin #2852 - It's Even Worse

Tom Austin  -   TAustin@SierraResearch.com

If you thought BMW Service Bulletin 2851 was bad, check out the text of the just released companion bulletin 2852

(Note from the editor... if anyone from BMWNA takes
this with anything but a smile... I'm going to buy a Honda - Ed.)


"The BMW Motorcycles of today are specifically engineered to provide an extraordinary combination of durability, reliability and performance. This performance is insured through careful testing and evaluation utilizing both laboratory tests and extensive road testing by experienced riders.  As explained in Service Bulletin 2851, performance anomalies, engine damage, and other engine-related complaints with BMW Motorcycles are caused by the use of non-approved parts and other modifications promoted by various individuals and rider organizations.  Evidence now suggests that non-approved apparel is the primary cause of non-engine-related problems and complaints.

During extensive road testing performed prior to the release of new models, test riders use exclusively BMW-brand boots, gloves, and riding outfits. These products have been designed to properly interface with the seats, shifters, clutch levers, brake levers and pedals on BMW Motorcycles.  By providing support while retaining tactile feel, these products assure the precise clutch and shifter manipulation necessary to achieve the quiet and smooth gear changes that BMW transmissions are noted for.  Non-approved boots and gloves are causing clumsy, erratic shifts, which, in time, lead to transmission failure and clutch slippage.  Non-approved riding outfits are causing complaints with seat comfort during longer rides.  Seat discomfort distracts the rider's attention from road hazards, which is the primary cause of bent wheel rims.

BMW NA does not have the responsibility for determining whether some off-brand products may be functionally equivalent to BMW-approved apparel. As a result, the use of appropriate BMW-brand apparel items is necessary to avoid problems and prevent the denial of warranty claims by BMW NA. Non-approved apparel includes items specifically designed for the R1200C Cruiser when worn while riding another BMW model.  The complete line of Cruiser apparel items were specifically designed exclusively for use with the R1200C.

Problems or customer complaints on motorcycles ridden using non-approved apparel will be the sole responsibility of the motorcycle owner. Your Retail Services Consultants will not authorize repairs or involvement by BMW NA in problem resolution on motorcycles where a causal relationship may exist between the complaint and non-approved apparel."