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The /5 Centerstand Tang

Bob White

In a message dated 8/21/97 1:59:27 AM, you wrote:
<<Can someone with an original tang on their /5 center stand give me the demensions so I can replace mine. IE length before bend, length after bend, diameter of the tang, was it round or multi sided like a hexygon. Also what is the angle of the bend is it vertical or horizontal when the stand is down. Thanks, Al>>

Dear Al,

I have an original 1973 R75/5 and following are my measurements of tang.

Diameter - .350" Round

The tang has two bends, both are 90 degrees.

                 2 1/4"         |
                        2 3/4"                    |
                                                  |     1/2"

The angle of the tang from the floor forward of the center stand is 58 degrees.

The 1/2" leg is welded to the center stand and the 2 1/4" leg is for foot.

I hope this poor description can be of some help to you.

Bob White
73 R75/5
93 K75S