Pro Lev'r Tire Wizard Product Review

From: Geoff Adams <marcia@nationwide.net>
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 1999 16:18:01 -0600

I finally have had an opportunity to use the Pro Lev'r Tire Wizard I purchased a few weeks back. Being a thrifty kind of guy, I usually mail order my tires and change them myself. The worst part of the process has always been breaking the tire bead loose from the rim. Once that's accomplished, levering the tire off and installing the new one seems like child's play.

Yesterday I changed the front tire on my '85 K100RS. The Tire Wizard did indeed make this much, much easier. Pro Lev'r has a web site, http://www.ctm-design.com/prolevr/index.html which illustrates the tool in use, so I won't go into a blow by blow of the procedure except to say that it works as described.

About a week earlier I had a flat on the rear of our sidecar rig and I used the Tire Wizard to break that bead loose too. That was more of a struggle because (1) the sidecar uses a small car tire - a 125R15, and (2) I didn't have the optional piece for use on wider rims, and (3) it was my first time to use the Tire Wizard. I would say that experience does make its use easier as the second tire was a lot less of a struggle. The Tire Wizard comes apart and reconfigures for use to install a new tire, but I just levered the new front tire on with my standard tire levers that I keep in my tool roll. (See footnote.) When reinstalling my sidecar tire, I used the Tire Wizard pieces separately as tire levers to put the tire back on the rim.

The Tire Wizard is not small enough to fit in the under seat or rear K bike storage area, but easily resides in a saddlebag. Having previously had punctures that could not be plugged from the outside, I carry a rear tube as an emergency item, but always wondered how I would break the bead loose on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. The Tire Wizard is the answer to that question. I'll never be on the road without it.

Geoff Adams
Arlington, TX

Editor's footnote: When asked what he meant by 'standard tire levers' and why he would use them instead, Geoff responded:

I keep a pair of 10" tire levers in my RS's tool roll. When I was changing the RS front tire, I had them at hand, so I just used them to install the new tire. When I was reinstalling the sidecar tire they weren't unpacked, so I used the lever function of the Tire Wizard. The arms serve as levers when the pins are removed and it's in separate pieces. The Tire Wizard parts can be assembled in different configurations for different tasks such as bead breaking, installing, and levering. The Pro Lev'r web site has a more complete explanation. The principal function of the TW in my eyes is the bead breaking and it did that well enough.

Sorry if that was vague. Feel free to edit that in if you wish.

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