Rhino Eyes Safety Glasses Product Review

By Mick McKinnon

From: Mick McKinnon <bmwmick@gmail.com>
Date: 5/2/2001 6:25 PM

Three years ago my wife found some safety glasses to replace my long-broken wraparound style glasses (I believe the 'dead' pair were purchased at the Durango Rally). She found them at a local Sears store. I have used them daily for the past 3 years. Just recently they developed a crack through the lower portion of the replaceable lens. The nylon frames (with adjustable temples) are still like new.

I found the manufacturer by searching the Web. I tracked them back to NEBO Tools in Utah http://www.nebotools.com. I sent them a short note to see if I could buy a replacement lens (this is a one-piece replaceable lens that comes in several colors and anti-fog) for my cracked lens. The marketing director (Darin) informed me they were guaranteed for life and I should simply return the lens with a short note describing the problem. I did and three days later I had my replacement lens.

These glasses are perfect for riding, they meet all the industrial requirements of safety glasses (Z 87.1 OSHA) and offer 99% UVA/UVB protection. They come in Clear, Amber, Rose, Gray, Blue mirror and Gold mirror. I believe all colors but the mirrors are anti-fog.

I was VERY impressed by these glasses AND the terrific product support by the company. If you would like to learn more, visit the above web site or contact :

NEBO Tools / NEBO Sports
12382 Gateway Parkplace, #300
Draper, UT   84020

To order you can contact Edie at either edytheb@neboproducts.com OR edytheb@nebotools.com OR Toll free at 888-526-1295 X108

You 'may' find these safety glasses in your local Sears Roebuck store.

Disclaimer: I have absolutely NO INTEREST in this company! I like their product and I was impressed by their customer service.

Mick McKinnon

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