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Date: Thu, 9 Mar 95 01:38:53 EST From: (Don Eilenberger) Subject: BMW: Red Line America

At tonight's meeting of the New Jersey Shore BMW Riders..

We got to see the video Red Line America, kindly shown to us by the man who made it, Cliff Adams.

Unlike one review of it (which claimed it was unkind to animals, done by a speed demon) - Motorcycle Consumer News - we found it VERY enjoyable - and an inspiration to get on the bike and GO SOMEWHERE. Great video and great camera work on sport touring!

The video captures the road as it unwinds from the viewpoint of a rider, moving through the country - on what are argumently the greatest moto roads in the US..

The roads covered were: Blue Ridge Parkway, Kodachrome Basin, Death Valley, Mount Whitney, Yosemite National Park, California Route 130, California Coast Highway, Washington Cascade 20, Needles Highway Rt 87, and a surreal ride through the Badlands of ND.

There is no narration on the 35 minute video - it is accompanied by a perfectly matched musical soundtrack (moderate rock to new age..) - much of which was written and performed by one of our club members - Fred Malley!

If you're still winter bench racing - or thinking about a long trip - this is a don't miss.

We also enjoyed Cliff's discussion on the actual making of the video - over 165 hours of taping was distilled to 35 minutes. He shot the majority of the tape with professional equipment during a 5 week day and night ride. He often rode all night to get to a taping site by first dawn (when the traffic was non-existant), and when done taping, headed out for the next site.

He was accompanied on at least part of the ride by his S/O who operated the camera at times from the rear of Cliff's bike, allowing a look over his head at the upcoming road, complete with the instruments firmly clockwise near the red zone.

Cliff also mentioned some tricks he used to have car-free roads only appear in the video (with one exception - a Volvo coming the other way, which got a BIG laugh from our club members) - such as convincing a group of Harley riders to stage false accidents/breakdowns blocking both ends of the road through the giant redwoods.. closed the road for 45 minutes, and Cliff got some memorable footage!

Anyway - if you're interested, you can get the video from

Redline America, POB 483, Westfield, NJ 07090. cost is $34.95 including shipping/handling
Editor's note: address has changed. Try
Redline America, PO Box 701, Westfield, New Jersey 07090
or see
(my birthday is coming - so I know what I'm gonna get!)

PS: Although Cliff didn't ride a BMW, he was really impressed that at least 1/2 of our eastern based club had been on MANY of the western roads he'd shot.. he said he now realized why 80% of his sales were to BMW owners (and quite a few dealers) - 'cause BMW owners actually RIDE their bikes! He also mentioned that at the recent "International MC Show" in Javett's Convention Center in NYC - the Japanese manufacturers with the exception of Honda gave him the cold shoulder.. while BMW-NA was *very* interested in his tape.. claimed they knew of cases where it sold someone who had never ridden a new BMW.

PPS: I have no interest in Cliff Adam's - or his company, except that I'd like to see him succeed in producing this sort of video. It was the best bike video I've seen since 'On Any Sunday' - which got me started with moto's.. if you do order one - say hello for the NJS-BMW-Riders!


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