Met-Vest Reflective Motorcycle Jacket Product Review

From: George Guillory <>
Date: Fri, 05 Nov 1999 10:00:58 PST

MetVest in natural light
MetVest in natural light
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I thought I would tell you about a new product that I started using, the Met-Vest Motorcycle Jacket. (A vest version is also available with a full suit in the works.)

What an excellent well made product. The jacket is a large cut jacket made of a small mesh fabric with full sleeves large enough to fit over a leather jacket. I haven't noticed any binding in the arms or back while in the riding position. Seams are well stitched to prevent rip out especially under the arms.

This jacket is bright. It is safety yellow with 3 large reflective stripes that continue on the arms. In the riding position you have 3 horizontal stripes on your body and 3 vertical stripes on your arms.

This jacket is not for posers or people who like to match garments with motorcycle colors. With this jacket you end up looking like British or Japanese motorcycle officers. I guess this would give you extra visibility with cages if you lived in Britain or Japan. ;^)(Also not for people who "ride it like it was stolen".)

Same as above in flash
Same as above in flash
When I received the jacket and opened it in the house I thought the yellow stood out. When I wore it for the first time I was surprised how much it fluoresced in sunlight.

Riding to work this vest really got other drivers attention. It seemed like every driver who passed was fixated on me (and I assume the vest.) I also notice that people pulling out into the traffic lane waited for me at a greater distance than they normally would.

Another thing I notice was my interaction with people. With the vest people seemed to treat me differently that they when I just wear my black Hein Gericke jacket. I chalk this up to the "scared of motorcyclist in black leather jacket" syndrome.

Outside at night
Outside at night,
notice relative reflectivity of license
I haven't used the jacket at night yet. Since the time change it gets dark on the way home now so I will try it tonight.

They have a web page at . If someone wants a JPEG image of me in the jacket over my Hein Gericke let me know.

Usual disclaimers. I have no financial interest in this company, blah, blah, blah.

George Guillory, 1987 BMW K75T (transmuting to a RT)

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