Kilimanjaro vs. Darien, by Marc Wandschneider
Kilimanjaro vs. Roadcrafter, by Craig Cleasby
Kilimanjaro comments by James Clayton

Kilimanjaro vs. Darien Jackets Product Review

From: Marc Wandschneider <>
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 1999 21:13:27 -0800

I had a Kilimanjaro HT that I rode for about 17 thousand miles, and an Aerostich Darien that I just rode for 15k miles.

My opinions on the matter:

Basically, they're both EXCELLENT outfits. In the end, I would (and did) choose the Darien, for the following reasons:

Reasons to go with the Kilimanjaro:

So, either way you go, you're going to be one happy camper ;-)

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Kilimanjaro vs. Roadcrafter

From: Craig L. Cleasby <>
Date: Tue, 09 Nov 1999 07:01:08 -0500

I have a Kilimanjaro and a one piece Roadcrafter. some thoughts.

The Kilimanjaro is more flexible temperature wise, I wear it when I snowmobile at temps down to -10 F, and with the lining zipped out and the flaps and vents opened I wear it in the summer with temps up to 90 F. It is 100% waterproof, and the pocket layout I prefer to the stich.

However, the armour is soft and I don't think would provide as much protection as the stich,(I haven't tried either thank god). The stich can be custom ordered to fit almost anyone, while the Kilimanjaro jacket is fine, the pants are available only in one length, which is way too long for this 30 inch inseam.

I found that the stich lets in much more cold in the chest area, however with the Gerbings electric jacket liner, I dont really care now, but I did notice the difference.

hope this helps

Craig Cleasby
South Windsor, Ct

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Comments on the Kilimanjaro

From: James Clayton <>
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999 08:57:19 -0800 (PST)

Fellow Prezzes,

Was lurking on the Kilamanjaro/Stich thread and noted no one discusses safety/construction on a regular basis, and I personally have questions/concerns, so here goes.... I have owned a Kilamanjaro jacket for two full seasons. Fit and functionality have been wonderful. Drove cross-country in June, through torretntial rain for hours and stayed bone dry. Drove in very cold moist conditions and with liner stayed warm (on R1100RT). I also own a one-piece stich -- think it's cool, I 'feel' safe with the 500 wt Cordura, but definitely is cold in the chest area without my electric vest, and definitely is NOT waterproof in continuous downpours.

I worry about the safety of the Kilamanjaro. The fabric 'feels' very thin, armour 'feels' soft etc. HOwever, my 'subjective' thoughts don't matter. Does anyone have ANY serious data about abrasion resistance, yds of travel before losing integrity, melt point, impact resistance of armour, etc on products like the Kilimanjaro, and yes even the Kalihari, etc. Aerostich does have good data, or so it seems, but what about these other companies? Does anyone other than Stich test these parameters, or are we all fools and buying products based on style, appeal, and because it "feels like real protection" or "it must be excellent because BMW makes it."

Any non-subjective info on this would really be helpful. In this case, opinions are really not important -- objective data is. Our lives (and hides) are really at stake on this topic.

Hoping to become educated....

James Pace Clayton
Clothing confused in the Rockies....

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