Quick Product Review - EvapoDana

By Don Eilenberger

From: Don Eilenberger <deilenberger@verizon.net>
Date: Mon, 03 Jul 2000 01:42:23 -0400

Just a quick review - for those from hotter climates it may be useful:

EvapoDana from Rider Warehouse...

WHAT: triangular neckerchief sorta device designed as on-bike cooling system.

WHERE: RiderWarehouse

COST: Dunno - was a present, but I seem to remember less than $20 in the catalog.

TEST CONDITIONS: NJ Garden State Parkway, temps ranging from 85F to 97F measured at the front of a K100RT (oven) and 100F to 115F measured behind the windshield. Dry (low humidity) day.

RESULTS: At any speed over 10 mph - EvapoDana is a winner. It's an absorbent clothing thingie - two sides, fuzzy and smooth. Soak it with water, put FUZZY SIDE IN (tried it last weekend the other way around - wasn't near as effective). Gives considerable cooling effect for up to 3 hours use in unbearable heat.

RATING: A *GOOD* THING. As good as electrics in the winter. Cost effective, non-poluting and adds a certain stylish look to riding in unbearable heat in a Stich (they not only think you're nutz for riding in the heat - but even nuttier for wearing a heavy black bandana sorta thing.)

Don Eilenberger, Spring Lk Hts, NJ JMP#1 deilenberger@verizon.net

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