Schuberth Concept - 1000 Mile Product Review

By Phil Space

From: Phil Space <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 10:43:01 -0500

Disclaimer #1, We (wife and I) bought ours in December. I have ridden over 1000 miles with the helmet on an R1100RT and an R100RT. I have been in all kinds of weather, wind, rain, cold, bright sun, night riding but nothing warmer than 65 degrees.

The helmet is probably the warmest I have had when it is all buttoned up, with no condensation on the visor while moving courtesy of an air vent in the front with two controls. When stopped at a light for over a minute or so I do have to crack the face shield, other than that, the ventilation system is great and keeps the shield clear. There is an air vent on the top as well, which when it is cold, you have to keep closed or the cold air will give you a headache - should work well in the summer. The liner is made of Coolmax and snaps out to allow you to wash it, but doesn't seem to hamper the airflow in the helmet. Just like my System II, the gator(?) on the bottom of the chin piece that seals the helmet under your chin (it works!) and the rear seal are removable to get more air in the summer, this helmet should be OK fine when it gets hot.

As for comfort and sizing, my Quantum and Duotech are XL, my Concept is 58-59 (L) and seems to fit my head better. I have had no forehead chafing or problems with pressure on the ear lobes or from the bows of my glasses. With my other helmets I would sometimes wear contacts on long trips because of the problems with pressure points from glasses, so far no problem at all with the Concept.

The face shield is fantastic. The shield area is cut back farther than my Shoei or Arai, giving you almost normal peripheral vision - it's great. The shield is easily removed and replaced without any tools and it can be slid forward via tabs near the hinges to allow air to circulate with the shield all the way down in the summer time. We had a couple warm days and it worked as promised. The one thing I would never give up now is the internal sun visor. Placement is perfect, the visor comes down far enough to keep the sun out, but allows a clear shot, through my bifocals, to see the instruments and GPS.

The Concept is very quiet compared to my Arai Quantum, not even in the same league as the Airoh (which I gave away) and Duotech which was way to loud for my intercom system. I have tried earplugs and found that I could not hear the engine at all on my R100. The helmet is more quiet on my R11 since I can trim out the wind turbulence with the windshield, more buffeting noise on the R100, but I still think it is more quiet than my Arai. Per the manual (nur auf Deutch) it is blessed for 6 models of headset, all European, and there are ear cups for speakers and a hole with a plug in it on the left side of the helmet which looks like it is a pass through for a headset connector.

Another quick disclaimer, I have not attempted to install a headset yet, I am not sure how to deal with the microphone, however I did notice that J&M is now acknowledging the existence of flip up style helmets and sells a microphone extension cord just for flip up helmets.

There is also a holder on the left side of the helmet for first aid info which also gives instructions for an EMT on how to remove the helmet should you be unconscious. The general comment from almost everyone who have seen it is "Oh, it's the just in case my helmet is separated from my wallet feature".

The only disappointment I have with the helmet is the chin strap. It is good, just like the one in my System II, a nylon strap with a push button clasp, but I was hoping for the ratchet style like the Nolan. After reading other posts, maybe in the event of a serious wreck, this Schuberth way is better.

Again, this is only my humble opinion. We bought one, wife and I played with it and thought enough of it to buy another for her and we are very happy. This is not a advertisement or recommendation, I don't work for them and don't expect to be flamed. If you buy one, you are on your own.


Phil Space
Vienna, VA

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