Broshtex Cool Kevlar Jacket Product Review

By Mike Kelly

From: Mike Kelly <>
Date: Mon, 09 Aug 1999 01:11:23 -0400

Saw the Brosh website posted on the list last week, looked it over and ordered a "Broshtex Cool Kevlar" for my wife and myself. Several presidents have asked for details on these jackets, so here is my .02.

Place online order, immediate confirmation, e-mail next morning with shipping details. They ship via airmail, included in price of jacket.

Seven days later, jacket is at my door, registered mail, signature required.

Package seems too small for 2 jackets, but thats what it held.

Constructed of Kevlar, cotton and polyester, with more vents and mesh than any jacket I know of. Velcro closures where needed, pockets for shoulder and elbow armor, foam armor additional $$. Arms and shoulders are fairly thick, like a jacket, body and inner arms are light, like a $10 shirt. Mesh armpits, zipper closure on mesh back vent.

So I took it for a good hot ride today, +95F. Instead of turning left from my driveway and going to the mountains, I turned right and went to Charlotte. In town traffic, 102-108F air temperatures on my digital thermometer, K11 temp. gauge in the hot zone, would have been absolutely miserable in my Tourmaster jacket. This is why I hate riding a motorcycle in town, how do you guys who commute put up with this?

Well this jacket is working, I ride through the city, red lights, traffic, stop and go [really wasn't too bad, Sunday afternoon], and I am very comfortable, sure its hot, that's why all those cars had the windows up and the A/C blowing. But this jacket is all right! Leave city traffic to run some backroads I used to play on, now there are Walmarts and apartments there. Progress.

Overall, the Cool Kevlar is definitely a keeper. My only complaint is the zipper 'handle' is on the wrong side, attached on the left. I don't ride without a jacket, could tell a few stories in the recent thread on accidents & get-offs, so I just deal with the heat. This jacket makes it much more bearable while still giving a level of protection. This is not the apparel I would choose if I were going to go have a motorcycle wreck. In fact I would just stay home. But if a wreck sneaks up on me, the jacket I am wearing is my best friend. I expect this Broshtex is gonna be the one to wear till the temps cool down, then the Cortech will go back to work.YMMV

Mike Kelly
Stanley, NC

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