BMW GS Boots Product Review

By Airyn Darling

From: airyn darling <>
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 14:08:53 -0400 (EDT)

here's the product review i wrote about the boots i wore for the duration of my month-long trip. the nutshell version: i *love* them.

BMW GS Boots

I love these boots!

They completely, totally, utterly, and in all other ways, rock.

They are sturdier than any boot I've ever worn, they are comfortable to ride and to walk in, they are waterproof, they make the wearer look totally badass, they have shin and ankle protection, and steel toes. Cool.

Only a few minor complaints: The steel toes wrap underneath to the sole, making toe traction tenuous at best, impossible at worst. However, as noted by Doug Jacobs, you can tap dance at a second's notice. I love the steel toes, mind you, but I would love them more if they didn't affect my already too-little foothold on the ground. I drag my feet sometimes on the road, literally, not figuratively, and my other boots were wearing down through the toes. These don't have that problem. Should the toes ever wear down, though, fear not! One may buy replacement toes! They screw right on.

The boots are sturdy enough to ward off the frolickings of 150-pound dogs and errant Dodge Shadows. The soles, however, could be thicker and slightly more ... textured, I suppose is the word. I want soles that look like off-road knobby tires; I need all the traction I can get. They are also a touch too warm for really hot weather, but not so's you'd really notice.

One really groovy feature is the textured rubber area on the tops of the boots; on the left side, it protects the leather from wearing when one upshifts. On the right side....well, it just makes the pair look symetrical, I'm guessing. There is a small reflective bit at the heel which would be useful if one didn't have saddlebags. The top is elasticized for a comfortable fit, and is secured by a large velcro strap as well as two ski boot-type fasteners for a totally customized fit. Cool.

They're a bit expensive ($325 at one Detroit area dealer, $275 at another,) but the protection, comfort and convenience they offer seem well worth it to me. I absolutely recommend these guys without reservation. The break-in period wasn't even very long; I've only had them for a week and a half, and they already feel like home. I wear them all the time and hardly notice them. Of course, I'm a woman who likes to wear boots, so factor that into the equation. The leather used seems top-quality, and the rubber soles are strong yet not so hard as to be slippery. Doug said he initially found the ski boot fasteners difficult to operate by touch alone; on the bike, I agree. I was able to close an opened latch without any problems at speed, but should the strap come completely out of the latch, it does take some futzing around to get it back in there if you can't get both hands down there and look at it as well.

I've had good boots in my days; these are, without question, the best of the lot.

September 21, 1999

Well, they've had 10,000 miles put on them, many of which were pretty rough miles indeed. They've held up superbly. They are utterly waterproof. They are comfortable. They are durable. I'm wearing them in the office today, and I didn't even ride to work. They're good.

That said, it isn't as if they have no shortcomings. Tbe buckles can come undone sometimes. The buckles also squeak quite loudly if done tightly. The steel toes are indeed slippery, though they are less so when rather scratched up. That's it, really.

I have worn through one portion of the right steel toe, but that is certainly not the boot's fault - I've been dragging my toes extensively, just because I can. I'm impressed they've held up as long as they have. The great thing is, I can just replace the steel toes when necessary. Good thinking, BMW. When worn with the buckles loose, they are exceptionally comfortable for riding; however, one really wants to tighten the buckles and just deal with the squeaking for walking any distance, as they did blister my heels when loose. After I tightened them up, they caused little discomfort, even walking for long distances.

I love the shin guards - no more cringing in pain as a rock flies up off the tire of a vehicle in front of me, banging me in the shin. Instead, I just notice a small "bump" feeling, and smile. Right now, they boots are absolutely filthy and covered in mud and dust, thanks to 15 miles of *very* nasty off-road-type construction in Southwestern Wyoming; they look rather broken in. They're boots that say "I've been places on this bike you don't even want to think about, buddy." These are boots that could tell stories. Apparently, they also have a certain amount of sex appeal to some: One person on my trip commented, "You know, it's too bad we aren't having sex anymore; you could wear those suckers to bed."

As I've said, they're good boots.

Further updates as warranted.

Airyn Darling 

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