AirRider Seat Conversion

By William Buffton <>

I am a 48 year old R1100RS rider who has been experiencing difficulty due to Degenerative Disc Disease as well as Arthritic Hips. The conditions usually manifested themselves via chronic pain in the hip joints which felt like a dull toothache, (a bonafide pain in the ass). After much pain and research I took a twofold approach; 1. buy a thick sheep- skin for the seat, and - 2. have the air rider conversion done to my saddle. The air rider conversion cuts out a section of foam and replaces it with an air bladder. A valve is put on the side of the seat which allows you to release air pressure conforming the shape of the seat to your but. The cost is $179 (last I checked) plus shipping and handling.

In short, the thing works- I recently rode 900 miles in 36 hours and returned home to make my monday night Karate class. guaranteed for 5 years, does not change the shape of your saddle, and much cheaper than other saddle alternatives. Nice folks and good service. If you call them at 1-888-232-9253 they'll send you a video and you can make your mind up from there.

Good Riding!

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