Aerostich - 1 piece or 2: Don Eilenberger, James P. Clayton, and Ted Verrill

Comments by Don Eilenberger

From: Don Eilenberger <>
Date: Wed, 08 Sep 1999 11:53:47 -0400

Bill asks:

>Hello all,
>I'm in the market for an Aerostich. Looking for opinions
>regarding the good or bad of a one vs two piece roadcrafter.
>Would be very interested in hearing from a person who's owned both.

Hey Bill - this thread goes around about every 3 months. I think you must have missed the last cycle.

So here is an attempted FAQ on 1 or 2 piece - based on the answers I've observed here over the past 5 years:

1 PIECE: -------------------------------------------------------


2 PIECE: -------------------------------------------------------


That's it - the entire discussion in a nutshell!

Don Eilenberger, Spring Lk Hts, NJ

Comments by James P. Clayton

From: James Clayton <>
Date: Wed, 8 Sep 1999 14:44:20 -0700 (PDT)

I recently bought a one piece for the following reasons:

[1] I don't trust myself. When I go out for a short ride it is VERY tempting to just put on a jacket with jeans. With a two piece, I would probably only wear the jacket most times. With the one piece, I have to 'suit-up' and have both upper and lower protection. Also, takes less time with one-piece to suit up. No kidding, it really does take less than 10sec to put on, and looks way cool (to me).

[2] With the one-piece, I can wear nice clothes underneath, zip-in to the 'coverall' and ride, unzip and be ready for anything -- formal or informal.

[3] IF I was going to use a two piece, I would definitely go with the Darien rather than Roadcrafter. The Darien upper and lower combination has a wider temperature use range and is 100%waterproof, which most certainly cannot be said of the Roadcrafter.

Hope this is helpful,

James P. Clayton

Comments by Ted Verrill

From: Ted Verrill <>
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 1999 15:40:42 EDT

I'd hardly say the 1-piece vents better. while I am sure there is no difference in crash protection, i will readily agree that the absence of the gap between top of the pants and the bottom of the jacket, even though the top overlaps the bottom when sitting by a good 4", definitely makes the 1-piece a bit more watertight (with of course the "proper wear" and "overalls" exceptions ;))

one reason i much favored the 2-piece over the 1-piece was versatility. no, not of wearing the pants or not, but there are two great accessories you can get with the 2-piece, the uppers ("overalls" attachment) and the elipse.

the elipse is an eliptacle expansion that adds about 2.5" between the two pieces in the back, but none in the front. originally designed for severe forward lean bike riders, many have found it the very cure for "seasonal snugness." in the winter, when i was wearing the gerbing jacket (heated jackets are the BEST!) and various layered clothing (not to mention that winter padding;) the stich got tight! In went the elipse between the two pieces and while not adding to the length of the suit it sure made it much more spacious and comfortable. it also really helped the one slightly ill-fitting area of the suit: the slight tightness/pulling at the front of the armpits. In the summer, out zips the elipse and the stich is back to nice and form-fitting again.

the "overalls" attachment absolutely eliminated my "gut leak", i.e. the leak in heavy rain where water would get between the bottom of the jacket and top of the pants because the gut pushed the top of the pants down a little and the bottom of the jacket out a little. one solution of course is just to reach down, pull the top of the bottom up and really tighten the elastic drawstrings tight... :) the other was, well let's just say i stopped going to subway for lunch everyday - helllllo danon! it also made possible easily wearing the suit as a 2-piece, so you can take the jacket off and on without zipping anything yet still ride safely and completely watertight.

lastly, when travelling, i like to be able to zip off the pants and stuff them in a locked hardbag while wearing the jacket out to do touristy stuff. no having to shuffle wallets and stuff around, not having to lug the whole suit around, and no worries anyone will steal or screw with it if i leave it on the bike.

my most excellent black/black 2-piece was totalled in my accident. jokingly i like to think it gave its life for mine, in all seriousness i shudder to think what would happen had i been wearing anything else. i hope to be ordering another black/black 2-piece soon :)

Ted Verrill

ps ... buy and use the hip pads, and think about the back pad too.

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