Aerogards by Aeroflow - Mounting on a R1100R

From: Rich & Frauke Rosenthal <>
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 23:14:11 -0500

Front view AeroFlow Aerogards are curved plastic pieces which are designed to act as wind protectors for the lower legs (roughly, from the knee down). The units come in clear or smoke. Wishing for more protection from cold and wind this winter I ordered a pair of the smoke version for my 1996, R1100R.

The pieces come well packaged, and have along with them a sheet of instructions and molding strips for their edges. The plastic is relatively thin, but the pieces appear well made and are certainly strong enough for their application. I am sure much time went into wording the instructions and doing he line drawings. None the less, I found them somewhat confusing. I did call AeroFlow on two occasions for clarification, both times speaking to a pleasant young woman who tried to be helpful. Unfortunately her lack of knowledge of the product had me on my own. Right front view I suggested that photos of an installed Aerogard set be provided to customers, as it would make things much clearer for us common folk.

As stated in the instructions, read them carefully. Then read them several times more, highlighting the main points with a yellow marker. The two parts (left and right sides) are kept in place by "dual-lok" strips which adhered to both the gas tank and the Aerogards. Putting the units in place takes some thinking. The wording of the instructions was not always clear to me. For example;

"...then press against top dual-lok mtg strip to hold it in place and peel backing from strip. Now press on top mtg area, firmly to ensure that adhesive makes good contact with tank."
I haven't a clue as to what they are trying to tell me. Furthermore, their suggestion that you attempt to put the units in place while sections of adhesive are exposed at both of the strips attached to the Aerogards is not workable. There is simply not enough room to work the adhesive backings off the strips when the units are in place. At least with my pudgy fingers.

Rear view For anyone contemplating purchasing Aerogards I suggest that once the top piece from an Aerogard is attached to the fuel tank, take a china marker pencil, indicate on the fuel tank where the bottom dual-lok will go, remove the Aerogard and pull off the matting dual-lok from the bottom piece and manually install it in place. This is not difficult to do, as the Aerogards are designed to fit flush against the fuel tank's molding so you already know about where the dual-lok must be placed in relation to the tank and Aerogard.

Left rear view One other minor item. In the instructions it states the dual-lok material must go on at a temperature of no less than 70 degrees for proper curing. I live in MA and it's December and I don't have a heated garage. I got lucky and caught a 50 degree day when mounting the unit. I let the adhesive cure for a few days on my bike before installing the Aerogards.

(we now pause, while you review the photos)

Right side view Note: It's now been several days since installing the Aerogards. They've been off a couple of times, the right side several times as I was fiddling with my TwinMax and synching my fuel injectors. No problems getting them on an off and the mounting has remained secure. I attribute this to following the directions and cleaning up the area on the tank where the dual-loc will be applied with lots of alcohol.

To date I've ridden the bike with the Aerogards installed for 300 miles. This last ride was in the mid forties and I ran the bike up to around 80 mph just to check the security of the attachments. No problem. I was wearing my Darien light jacket and pants with electric chaps and jacket. Legs were very comfortable. All indications are the Aerogards will be a most welcome accessory for my Roadster.

Rich Rosenthal
Wellfleet, MA

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