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ABS Systems - A Real-World Comparison Michael Kneebone Published in Motorcycle Consumer News 9/92
Aerogards by Aeroflow Rich Rosenthal Mounting on a R1100R 12/99
Airhawk Seat Cushion Richard Meltz Review 8/98
AirRider William Buffton Seat Conversion Review 9/99
Bob's BMW Wrist Rest John Filak ProductReview - Thumbs Down 11/04
Deer Whistles, Do They Really Work? Randall P. Schwalbach DEER AND DEER HUNTING 11/89
Eagle AccuMap12 GPS Steve Aikens Review 3/98
Garmin GPS III+ versus Street Pilot Peter Jones and Ted Verrill Comparison 12/99
Garmin USB Data Card Programmer Roger Hines Review 9/00
Helen Twowheel's Super Packing System Tom Bowman Review 6/98
Hot Grips Model 401 Frank L. "Cranky Frankie" Palmeri Review 4/04
Khyam Tent John Hodgett Review 4/99
Reviews of Miscellaneous Motorcycle Accessories ftp from SFU.CA Review
Using Motorola Talkabout Family Radio Bike To Bike Jey Yelland Review 12/98
Saeng Night Cutter Don Eilenberger Review 1/98
Sargent Super Bag Lonny Scott Review 9/00
Rear Light Enhancing Devices Wayne Dowers Review 7/00
Experiences with Russell, Mayer, Sargent, Corbin, and BMW Saddles Richard Bernecker Review 3/00
Touratech Accessories for R1150GS Jack Shaw Review 11/99
U Bag Stephen Karlan (Dali Meeow) Review 5/98
UNGO Alarms Brian Curry Review & Information 12/97
Xenon Bulb David Harrison Measurements 3/98


Aerostich - 1 piece or 2 Don Eilenberger, James P. Clayton, and Ted Verrill Comments 9/99
Aerostich Wind Triangle (Euclid's Face Fairing) Tom Bowman Review 1/98
BMW GS Boots Airyn Darling Review 9/99
Broshtex Cool Kevlar Jacket Mike Kelly Review 9/99
RiderWarehouse EvapoDana Don Eilenberger Review 12/00
HJC Cool-Max and Shoei Duo-Tech Greg Roberts Review 7/99
First Gear Solo Expedition Riding Suit Clarence Dold Review 01/99
Sani-Fem Freshette Airyn Darling Review 3/99
Kevlar Jeans Stephen Karlan (Dali Meeow) Review 12/97
Kilimanjaro vs. Darien Jackets Marc Wandschneider, Craig Cleasby, and James Clayton Review 11/99
Kreamer Sports Heated Fleece Socks and Electronic Thermostat Controller Sam Lepore Review 12/99
Met-Vest Reflective Motorcycle Jacket George Guillory Review 11/99
Nolan 100 Helmet (Alternative to System IV) Don Eilenberger, James Pace Clayton, P. K., Gary McCray, Phil Marx, Bill Z, Bob Loblaw, & Don Hamblin Review 03/99
Rhino Eyes Safety Glasses Mick McKinnon Review 5/01
RiderWearHouse's Darien Jacket vs. BMW's Kalahari Jacket Stephen Karlan (Dali Meeow), with other options from Dave Meyer, Tom Jamrog, Scott Squire, John Baxter, Tom Keen, Mark Rooney, Tom Nash, and Jerry Smith Review 12/97
1000 Miles in a Schuberth Concept Helmet Phil Space Review 1/00
Tour Master Cortech Jacket Frank Glamser Review 1/98


Pro Lev'r Tire Wizard Geoff Adam Review 12/99
AirMan Portable Air Pump Steven Huber Review 3/99
Speedbleeders Brian Curry Review 8/98
Tire Repair & Inflation Recommentations Stephen Karlan (Dali Meeow)s Review 5/98
Twin Max Synchronizer John Baxter Review 5/98


California Leading Advanced Safety School Edward Guzman Report 9/94
California Superbike School (CSS) Anton C. Largiader Report 6/96
Red Line America Don Eilenberger Film Review 3/95
Spencer Riding School (Revisited) Mike Millsap Report 10/99


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