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The Great Western Adventure, 2007  NEW
Frank Glamser and Craig Miller's 2007 western wander - you don't want to miss this one!

World-famous author, motorcyclist, philosopher and boy genius Doug Grosjean aims for Arizona  NEW
In this episode, we find Doug modeling his new Phoenix jacket!

A Great Alaskan Adventure, by Doug Grosjean
Going to Alaska? Check out this story by world-famous author and traveler Doug Grosjean!
Newfoundland and Back, 2001, by Frank Glamser
A must-read for anyone considering the Canadian Maritimes!
Canadian Odyssey
, by Charlie Mikulewicz
A Mexican Adventure, by Lloyd Rauschkolb
Land of the Midnight Sun,by Forrest Braun
Reno to Maine, by Scott Conary
A long and ambling walk across the country -- extremely well written & lots of pictures! April, 1999
To Labrador and Back, by Steve Anderson
Steve takes a leisurely loop through some of the more remote areas of North America, Summer, 1998.
Alaska Summer, by Paul Mitcheltree
Paul tackles Alaska on a new R1100RS, July & August, 1998.
Jon's Summer Trip, by Jon Diaz
Who knew that flying back out to pick up bikes left at the end of a previous trip could be so much fun? August, 1998.
Argenschwang, Germany, by Robert Trevellyan
From England to Germany and back in one weekend, August, 1998.
Alaska Sojourn!, By Ian Schmeisser & Tom Bowman
Tom & Ian's roundabout way to the 1998 BMW MOA National in Montana, July, 1998.
Of Scooters and Memories, by Tom Hansen
Los Alamos/Alpine Trip Report, 1998
Dedicated to the Memory of Tony Lange
Nietzsche and the Naive, by Jay Martin
Celebrating Spring in the Southwest, 1998
Death Vally Daze III and Back, by John Arnold
How a simple trip can turn into a major adventure! February, 1998
R11GS Extended Road Test in Mexico, by Graham Pryce
Graham test rides a GS south of the border. Winter, 1997/98
Buster and me...on a couple of T's!, by Pat Roddy
An excellent account of a successful 1000-in-1 run. November, 1997
The Long Ride Home, by Jeffrey Harth
Jeffrey Harth braves sub-freezing temperatuires and blowing snow to bring his new K100RS home to Philadelphia from Ohio. November, 1997
Junji Yoshida's Trip to Sendai, by Junji Yoshida
A beautiful ride through Autumn in Japan. November, 1997
A Weekend On Sidewalls
Tom Bowman shows that deciding on which rally to attend isn't hard when Deal's Gap is somehow involved. August/September, 1997
Junji Yoshida's Summer Trip
Dr. Junji Yoshida crossed continents, meeting Presidents & Idiots along the way. Summer, 1997
Ted's Summer Trip
Ted Verrill and fellow Prez Bob Cox conduct an extended 4-day K1100RS/K1200RS shootout through the Berkshires, the Green and White Mountains, concluding with a trip up the auto road to the top of Mount Washington. August, 1997
Gene Dalton's Alaska Adventure
Gene's ride to Alaska was not all blackberries and sightseeing (but some of it was :)
June & July, 1997
Karl Rosenbaum's New England Stamp Hunt
Karl's detailed account of rounding up National Passport stamps in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and Vermont (sort of :) July, 1997
Jon Diaz's Summer Trip
Jon returns to the west coast to pick up the R1100RS he stored at the end of the Reindeer Ride, and takes the long way home to Chicago. July, 1997
Sam Lepore's "Wanderlust"
Wandering around America, June, 1997
Reporting From Japan
A Collection of Road Trips from Dr. Junjii Yoshida
A Winters Crossing, My 50cc Quest
A Spring 1997 tale of Coast-To-Coast endurance by Warren Harhay
Sam Lepore's "Permanent Vacation"
A Ride Through Mexico's Baja Peninsula, February, 1997
Graham Roger's "Three Capitals Ride"
A Ride Through Southeast Asia, January, 1997
Greg Pink's "The Great White Stamp Hunt"
November & December, 1996
Brian Curry's "The Great Fall Trip"
An autumn ride through the West, November & December, 1996
John Arnold's "Trinity Alps Trilogy"
September 1996
Terry Turnbeaugh's "Tales From The Road"
Terry Turnbeaugh's account of a two week ride through the northwest United States on his 1976 R90/6. August 1996
Ted Verrill's Canadian Maritimes Adventure
Wandering around Nova Scotia, Quebec, PEI & Cape Breton. August 1996
The Minnesota 1000 - Adam Walkoff Endures
July, 1996
Dan Arnold's "7000 Miles"
A 7,000 mile roundtrip down the US west coast to the tip of Baja, Mexico
Spring 1996
The DC Christmas Party - December 1995
compiled by Walt Dabell, photos by Jim Colburn
The Tokyo Rally - October 1995
by Yoshida Junji
The Last Chance Rally - September 1995
by Brian Curry
Higdon Send-Off Party Pictures - Summer 1995
compiled by Walt Dabell, photos by Jim Colburn
Love of Motorcycles is Hard to Describe
By Karen Boehler, Los Alamos (NM) Monitor Sports Editor - An artical about the 1995 BMW-MOA National Rally in Durango Colorado.

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