Notes from the Road, 9 of 10

Sunday 8/11/96 6:00 PM MDST
Silverton, CO

I spent the night with one of our noble presidents, Ira Agains. For some reason I was so tired that I didn't even attempt to pen a "Notes From the Road." I think maybe it was just accumulated weariness from being on the road for almost two weeks. Besides, the company was so good and gracious, and I was so content that I felt no urge to write. I just trundled off to bed and slept like a rock without typing a letter.

I got up to a Ira Agains "special"&emdash;pancakes and sausage&emdash;yum! (Thanks again, Ira.) The sun was shining, the sky was blue and I had two more days of vacation to play. What better place to play than the mountains of Colorado? So I headed north to Chama and Pagosa Springs. This is a delightful road through Northern New Mexico and into Southern Colorado. I've never been on it when it was crowded and today was no exception. I just cruised serenely enjoying the landscape.

Every day of this trip has begun with some kind of sign or omen and I was not prepared for what it was to be today. As I was going north on U.S. 285 when I saw (I swear) a guy coming in the other direction riding on a Harley wearing a robe and a turban. He looked like a billowing ball of saffron on a FLH. Woe! Easy rider karma! This had to be a great day. Even the swamis were out today!

My objective was predestined. I was headed for Silverton, CO. I don't know why this place is so special to me, but it had to be my destination today. For one thing, I *have* to ride U.S. 550. For those of you who went to last year's MOA National at Durango and availed yourselves of this road, no explanation is necessary. For the rest of you poor deprived moto-computer nerds, this is a road not to be missed. For me, there's simply nothing like coming over the pass and down to Silverton and seeing it in the valley far below. I stopped at every turn out and looked over the edge until I felt that wild feeling in the arches of my feet that travels up through the gut and blasts out of the top of my head. Whoo-eee! This is the Rockies babeee and I love it!

There is another reason to make the pilgrimage to Silverton. It is Romero's on the main drag and George's margaritas. Romero's is a family Mexican restaurant with the best margaritas I have ever imbibed the world over. Now I know that some of you may argue with me on this, but trust me, after two or three of these, you will agree (if you're able).

There is a wonderful old hotel there (The Wyman) which holds some fond memories for my wife, Linda, and I. The power of memory and the story of our journey is the elixir of life. It will carry us through the mundane plains and the desolate deserts of life. I know that you can never really retrace an old trail exactly as before, because every journey has its unique place in the space/time continuum, but you can travel over familiar trails and bask in the aura of the past and commune with friendly ghosts.

Tomorrow I will get up and ride mountain roads traveled before and give my regards to sweet journey's of the past and I will drink it in for the present. And at the end of the day, I will descend upon home where the love of my life is waiting patiently for me to return and my journey will be complete, for now.

Terry Turnbeaugh
Aurora, Colorado USA

"The ideas and concepts which best repay critical examination
are those which for the longest period have remained unquestioned."

-adapted from Alfred North Whitehead

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