Subject: Notes from the Road, 2 of 10

Wednesday 7/31/96 10:31 PM Pacific Time
Colton, WA

While checking over the bike this morning in the motel parking lot, I was greeted by the couple next door. They have a beautiful six cylinder Gold Wing with a matching trailer. He walks over and starts talking about a buddy of his who also has a BMW only it is a 750. He laughs when he talks about how he went with them to a Gold Wing rally and got an award for the smallest motorcycle at the rally. Then he says a little condescendingly, "He *did* keep up with us pretty well, though." I look up from my tire gauge and take it all in&emdash;the bike, the trailer, the stuffed animal on the trunk, and their cute little matching Honda shirts and I give an involuntary snort. I know he means well, but now he's gone and pissed me off. I don't say anything because I know it won't do any good&emdash;he just doesn't understand. Next thing I know, he handing me one of those CMA (Christian Motorcyclist Association) tracts. Ah, so that's it&emdash;he wants to save my soul! I give the tract back and tell him thanks but no thanks.

I autobahn over to Missoula and then head South a ways to pick up U.S. Hwy. 12. Listen friends&emdash;I have seen the light&emdash;this road is the meaning of true motorcycle salvation (hallelujah!). This is the road the Voni Glaves told me that when her and Paul finished riding it one way, they turned right around and did it again. When I crossed over the Lolo Pass going West, the sign said, "Warning, Winding Roads Next 77 Miles." It should say, "Welcome to Motorcycle Nirvana." I'd like to tell you what I was thinking as I rode along or describe what I saw, but I can't. I was in a trance or had a vision and I didn't come out of it until I got to Lewiston.

Heading North out of Lewiston up U.S. 95, the road rises rapidly up to the top of the 6000 foot high Lewiston Hill. From the top there is a breath-taking view of the whole world, well at least a good bit of this part of Idaho and Washington. The Snake River shimmers below. I feel the sun and the wind. I see the light fluffy wisps of clouds in the blue, blue sky. I behold the city, the hills and dales below. I feel peace--my soul was saved again today by the gospel of the open road and the two-wheeled journey. Amen!

Terry Turnbeaugh
Aurora, Colorado USA

"The ideas and concepts which best repay critical examination
are those which for the longest period have remained unquestioned."

-adapted from Alfred North Whitehead

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