Notes From The Road
by Terry Turnbeaugh

Notes From The Road is Terry Turnbeaugh's account of a two week ride through the northwest United States on his 1976 R90/6.

Tuesday 7/30/96 8:45 PM
Bozeman, Montanta

Wednesday 7/31/96 10:31 PM Pacific Time
Colton, WA

Thursday 8/1/96 10:43 PM Pacific Time
Mountlake Terrace, WA

Monday 8/5/96 9:17 PM Pacific Time
Grants Pass, OR

Tuesday 8/6/96
Corte Madera, CA

Wednesday 8/7/96 8:00 PM PDST
Santa Maria, CA

Thursday 8/8/96 4:00 PM PDST
Brea, CA

Friday 8/9/96 8:30 PM PDST
Kingman, AZ

Sunday 8/11/96 6:00 PM MDST
Silverton, CO

Monday 8/12/96 9:00 PM MDST
Aurora, CO (home)

All text and photos by Terry Turnbeaugh, 1996.

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