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A Long, Strange Trip to Alaska
by Ian Schmeisser (

In the song Truckin', the immortal words of the Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia say it best: "…sometimes it occurs to me what a long strange trip it's been!"

Today, I find myself on another long strange trip... a motorcycle camping trip to Alaska.

"What's so long & strange about that?" you ask.

Well… it is 6,000 miles from Atlanta to Alaska, and while long-distance riders may be underwhelmed, it is the last great road trip in North America.

And given that you're reading about the ride on the Internet as it happens means it's not your average trip.

Add in the fact that I'm typing these words on my notebook PC (see the picture for proof!) while listening to the Grateful Dead on it's CD player, uploading proposals to clients, and keeping tabs on the work that's in process -- all while sending e-mails to my mom -- means the trip is a strange mix of pleasure, work and adventure touring that won't be quickly forgotten… at least by me!

You can read about the details of the ride on my friend Tom Bowman's page… he's the guy who's good at planning these things. This page here is for my friends, my family, and my clients (who are like my friends & family) to help them keep track of me.

Days 1 & 2

For the most part, I'll be keeping you posted on the strange things I see along the way, like Itchy's Stop-n-Scratch Flea Market somewhere in Missouri, or Stoner's Drug & Fountain, somewhere in Iowa. Tom will keep everyone posted on the serious stuff.

Can you tell we've been slabbing it (riding the Interstate) for the most part to this point? Tomorrow (Monday, June 22) we head off on the back roads of South Dakota, through the Badlands and Black Hills territory, winding our way to Rapid City. At this point, we're just about 1/3 the way to Alaska!

On to Day 3!

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