Simple, Inexpensive, "10 Cruise Control"

From: Ed Benson <FastEddieB@aol.com>
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 12:06:37 EST

10 Cruise Control As a less expensive alternative to a "Wrist Wrest" or Throttlemeister, consider this:

A simple o-ring stretched between the throttle twist-grip and it's housing provides just enough friction to mimic a throttle friction screw. I leave a small portion of the o-ring stretched over the grip to provide for easy removal, if desired. I had a tray of old o-rings from which to choose, but a trip to a hardware store could provide you with several to experiment with for about 10 each.

It's completely "transparent" in use - the throttle moves easily, yet stays where it is when released.

Voni Glaves indicates she discovered the same trick when a red hair "thingee" accidentally slid between the grip and the housing.

See the photo (on a K1200RS): Note: That's bicycle handlebar tape wrapped around the grip. It makes the grip just a little larger (I have big hands) and seems to help the heated grips retain their heat.

I don't claim this as an original idea - I saw it first on someone's website. I don't recall the site, but would be glad to give credit where credit is due if the originator speaks up.

Fast Eddie (Ed Benson - Cooper City, FL)

From: Voni Glaves <p_vglaves@cjnetworks.com>
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 19:43:34 -0600

Fast Eddie wrote:
> It works. It's cheap. It's almost elegant.
> It's "simple by choice." It pleases me.

And I found a similar fix accidently. One time an extra RED hair rubber band I kept as a spare on my handlebar slipped down between the grip and the throttle housing. Great throttle lock ; )


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